Paris Fashion Week SS 2016 – Maison Margiela and Vionnet

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It’s almost a sense of relief to know that John Galliano is designing again and has a collection showing during Paris Fashion Week.  The time where he was gone, a vitality felt lacking.  His constant waves of innovation, he’s references and inspirations, his aesethetic is one of the things that brings a season to life, and makes it memorable.  His ready to wear collection for Maison Margiela is the perfect example of that.  Full of touches that are distinctly Galliano, punk reference like fishnets, some under dresses, other pulled over heels, are blended beautifully with homages to the house’s past, with the cracked, white paint over fabric and layered, unusual silhouettes.  He also finds inspiration in Asian cultures, as he did in past collections for Dior, with kimono style ties on the dresses.  Also apparently back packs are in again?  The Vionnet Spring 2016 collection is also a beautiful salute to this vintage label’s trademark, the long, lean lines.  Dresses that could have draped themselves over Katherine Hepburn’s slim form in an old movie here are modernized with a sheath, over the whole body, of gauzy sheerness, making the lines of this dresses soften.

Maison Margiela




PFW Spring 2015 – Gareth Pugh, Rochas and Vionnet

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After the ho-hum opening act of NYFW to the moderately more exciting LFW and the almost there MFW, we have finally gotten to the big headliner of the show.  Paris is the world’s capital for style, and they prove that every season.  This isn’t country-specific fashion, there is no phoning it in here, these are geniuses of design and style creating works of art.  Let’s start with my three favorite collections so far.

 Gareth Pugh Spring 2015

This is a label where phantasmagoria meets glamour.  This collection proved again what a genius Gareth Pugh, full of witchy silhouettes, pentagram halters, cloaks, hoods, and other must have accessories for the occultist in all of us.  Sticking to black and white only, this looks like a collection right out of American Horror Story Coven and I love every piece in it.

Rochas Spring 2015

This collection is where couture meets cheerleading.  Letter sweaters, pom pom heels and ankle socks mix with feminine prints and cuts, flowy dresses and soft colours to create a fun, pretty look.


Vionnet Spring 2015

Vionnet is an classic label that’s been beautifully resurrected.  These looks are unique, interesting, delicate, pretty.  I love the mixing of the men’s tailoring with the naughtiness of stockings and garters underneath a long sheer skirt.  Also, it’s wonderful to see Lindsey Wixson being just a powerhouse in the modeling world.