Recent Kristen Stewart Editorials

September 2nd, 2015|Categories: Celebrity Editorials & Photo Shoots, Fashion Editorials, Fashion Photographers

Kristen Stewart is such a boss. I love her evolution as a model from reluctant fashionista to devil-may-care badass. She wears clothes, hairstyles, makeup with conviction now & it is HOT. I also love her interviews. The Nylon interview is important because Stewart addresses questions about her sexuality in a deliciously young Jodie Foster’esque ambiguous way by not denying rumours that she’s dating a woman, but not committing to an actual definitive answer. I personally love this wave of sexual fluidity among teenagers & 20-somethings who are exploring their sexuality openly, but not committing to a label. Explore! Don’t be ashamed of what you explore so long as it’s with an open heart & mind. Maybe be a little ashamed of dating Robert Pattinson because that dude is weird looking, and not in a cool dangerous way like Michael Shannon. But who am I to judge! I adore Stewart and I think FKA Twigs is an angel, so if they chose to love Pattinson, I accept all parts of those I love. But anyway, I especially like how Stewart mixes validated actor speak in with a cool disinterest in everything. “I dunno man, I’m just being me and me is the craft buddy. Deal with it.” Ok! Sounds good! Love you! Gal Pals 4 Lyfe!

Kristen Stewart by Kai Z Feng for Elle UK, September 2015

Kristen Stewart by Olivia Malone for Nylon, September 2015

Julianne Moore & Ellen Page by Ruven Afanador for Out, October 2015

September 2nd, 2015|Categories: Celebrity Editorials & Photo Shoots, Fashion Photographers, Film

Julianne Moore & Ellen Page are doing promotion for their new film Freeheld, which also stars Michael Shannon & Steve Carell. It looks beautiful. I’m very excited to see it. The story it tells is heartbreaking, so it’s difficult to segue from “Based on a true story of tragic events” to FUCK ME THESE PICTURES ARE SO HOT I JUST GAVE BIRTH TO A LITTER OF GAY KITTENS! Because I did. And they’re all named after Julianne Moore & Ellen Page characters. Little Maude Lebowski is a frisky tabby & Kitty Pryde is a rambunctious black beauty with little tufts of white on her paws. Aww! I love all my kitten children! What? Oh! Ok. So. Watch the trailer for the movie, weep. Then look at these pictures and weep some more for an entirely different reason.


September 1st, 2015|Categories: Bo & Su, Health, Photography

Hello my loves!

I’ve been doing yoga challenges through Instagram & YouTube for the past few months & it has been so much fun! I’d like to integrate my yoga/pilates practice progress onto the site, and decided to start by sharing a lovely yoga challenge I’ll be doing in September.

Instagram users @beachyogagirl & @kinoyoga are hosting a pose challenge called #BasicYogaMix, sponsored by @aloyoga. Every day for the month of September users do an assigned pose & share their result on their own Instagram. Pose challenges are an excellent way to check in with your body and make sure you’re doing a pose correctly, zero on on certain areas, and connect with friends for encouragement and tips. If you follow the hosts on Instagram, each day they’ll give a tutorial and offer variations for the daily pose. You can read more about the hosts, and purchase a more in-depth program on their site Yoga Challenge.

Join me on Instagram and add to our little community of yogis! I’m doing this challenge this month with Instagram users @consumewarily, @poetesss, and @kimbugly. Respond to one of my #YogaWithBo posts on Instagram if you’d like to join us! I’m also considering starting a Facebook group for us to share pictures privately before sharing them with the masses. At the end of each week, I’ll post a recap with my poses, as well as a reminder for people to join in. You can join any time, or do any number of days. Let’s have some yoga fun together!

Joan Smalls & Candice Swanepoel by Luigi & Iango for Lui, September 2015

September 1st, 2015|Categories: Erotica, Fashion Editorials, Fashion Models

Love the Lui so much. It never ever disappoints. The September issue features two covers – one of Joan Smalls, another of Candice Swanepoel, as well as two editorials inside featuring each model. Both editorials are shot by classy filth masters Luigi & Iango. I love Candice, she’s so stunning, and her butt makes me happy to be alive, and her story is great, but Joans is OUT OF THIS WORLD! The cover is frameable and every shot inside features Joan contorted into such gorgeous poses. I can’t stop looking at it. Such perfect disco throwback, I’m filth smitten!

Joan Smalls by Luigi & Iango for Lui, September 2015

Candice Swanepoel by Luigi & Iango for Lui, September 2015

Adèle Exarchopoulos by Driu & Tiago for Interview Germany, September 2015

August 28th, 2015|Categories: Celebrity Editorials & Photo Shoots, Erotica, Fashion Editorials

The Interview Germany is amazing you guys! Put it on your radar! I was first drawn to this issue because of the magnificent cover editorial of Adèle Exarchopoulos by Driu & Tiago that celebrates Adèle’s enchanting mouth and impossibly sad eyes. Then I noticed the amazing moody, Grey Gardens inspired shoot of Agnes Nieske by Daniel King. Man, I love a good Grey Gardens inspired anything. It is the film that guides me in all my biggest life decisions. I also remembered I had a shoot saved from the July/August issue by the incomparable (yes, he deserves that descriptive!) Michel Comte of Ayako Yoshida. Each issue features weird, challenging, wonderful art shoots, plus really fantastic and inspiring fashion stories. It’s great! I love the thrill of discovering a new publication to give my obsession.

Adèle Exarchopoulos by Driu & Tiago for Interview Germany, September 2015

Agnes Nieske by Daniel King for Interview Germany, September 2015

Ayako Yoshida by Michel Comte for Interview Germany, July/August 2015