Angelina Jolie Turns 40

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Here’s how much I love Angelina Jolie – while I was going through my 10,000+ picture collection I have on my computer of her selecting my favorites for this post celebrating her 40th birthday today, I almost started crying because I love her so much.  I am not alone in this level of worshipful adoration of the model turned actress turned director, many other women, especially those who came of age in the 90’s, see her as an icon, inspiring us all to live honestly and never be ashamed and to be kind to the world around you even if that world hasn’t been kind to you.  Angelina has been through many different transformations in her life, each one a guide post for young women to show you how to be all things that you want, when you want.

Early to Mid 90’s – Teen Model

Mid to Late 90’s – Bisexual Icon

Late 90’s to Early 00’s – Carnal Tattooed Queen

Early 00’s – Brad Pitt Fucker

Early 00’s to Present – Fertility Goddess / Earth Mother

Late 00’s to Present – Camp Event

The Universal Mother and Her Sun King Marry in France

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I was asked recently why Bo and I have the W Magazine with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie on the cover framed and hanging in a place of prominence in our home.   I was able to boil my almost 20 year obsession of Angelina Jolie down to one single sentence – Angelina Jolie is my God figure.  She is the icon I pray to, that guides me, inspires me, tantalizes me, is everything a woman can be.   Angelina Jolie is the Goddess figure who has seamlessly transitioned from Maiden to Mother and will continue this transition into Crone one day far from now.   She was introduced to me in the late 90’s when I first saw Hackers and found out she was a bisexual lady who had dated the beautiful Jenny Shimizu.  She was pure, unabashed sensuality, burning brighter than any of the new celestial bodies around her.  Her bouts of depression, her desperate need to feel everything intensely and purely, her acting out, all of this was validation of the emotions I had churning inside my own self in my late teens and early 20’s.   Watching her find herself through the smile on the face of the beautiful little boy who was her whole world showed me that even the emotionally broken can be healed.  When she fell in love with Brad Pitt, however, she became  not only a superstar but a cultural icon that’s going to live on long after she’s gone.  One of the world’s most beautiful women with one of the world’s most beautiful men was like a dream too perfect to be real, and still, 10 yrs later, still feels so dreamlike.

The fact that her and Brad Pitt were having filthy, insanely beautiful sex with each other was enough to short out my brain with the hotness of it all.   When they combined their perfect genes to make a baby, the entire world watched in awe.  The two of them could have easily been lulled into a rich-and-famous cocoon with their babies and their beauty and their money and their all access pass to everything the rich-and-famous could ever do.  They didn’t choose this life though.  Instead they took the world-wide gaze that was constantly, intensely on them and focused it on those who suffer, who have no voice, who no one sees.  They made helping those in need their main mission in their combined life, and have over the past decade raised (and personally donated) millions of dollars to people who have been abused and marginalized.  Her brave act of having a preventive double mastectomy has increased the genetic scanning for breast cancer 90 percent.  This is a couple, a family, that has saved lives, refocused our celebrity obsessed culture onto things that need attention, while also being a wonderful example of how to raise a family, celebrating differences, letting their children be who they want, keeping them grounded by not spoiling them, and showing that the bond of family is the strongest bond that could save us all.

Of course, the wedding of the Universal Mother and Her Sun King was in a sacred space, in the brightly white Heavens in which they live, surrounded by their children, taking the traditional rigidity of the wedding ceremony and making it into an intimate gathering of their family, each child contributing in their own special way.  The uniqueness with which Angelina Jolie has done all things in her life came through again on this day, giving the world a wedding that is as iconic as the couple themselves.  Their gift to us is themselves, veiled in love and family, as an inspiration for how we can all live if we open ourselves up to one another.

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