Recent Lana Del Rey Editorials

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Weird that I haven’t shared any of these photos considering I light a candle to each of them every day. Lana’s most recent album Honeymoon has been playing on an infinite loop on my music machine, as well as in my brain, heart, and loinspace since September. It’s smooth mellow retro sex gold and while it doesn’t quite move me the way Ultraviolence did and still does, it’s a solid album that proves Lana is a force.

Let’s take a peek of some of Lana’s most stunning recent editorials. She’s a vision in Jork Weismann’s photos for the Interview Germany (which is a really fantastic publication), a throwback darling in a Billboard shoot by Joe Pugliese, a glam doll in the cover shoot by Liz Collins for the November issue of Vogue Turkey, and an ingénue in a set of collectors covers for the Fall/Winter issue of Nylon Español. My favourite shoot though is the odd macabre grieving Priscilla Presley at a Sex Club shoot by Steven Klein for V Magazine. I cannot stop staring at it. She’s the poutiest princesstress. I love her so much you guys. Time to go weep all over my altar and stain my satin with various holy and massage oils!

Lana Del Rey by Jork Weismann for Interview Germany, October 2015

Lana Del Rey by Joe Pugliese for Billboard, October 31st 2015

Lana Del Rey by Liz Collins for Vogue Turkey, November 2015

Lana Del Rey by Esteban Calderón for Nylon Español, Fall/Winter 2015

Lana Del Rey by Steven Klein for V Magazine #97, Fall 2015

Gwendoline Christie by Liz Collins for The Sunday Times Style, September 13th 2015

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Here are a few pictures of a god damned superhero! Ser Gwendoline! Look at this woman! Take your time! Because there’s a whole lot to drink in! She is strength and elegance and charm and her toes point so prettily that I just manifested a fainting couch to swoon onto.

Lui, November 2014

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Oh Lui, every month you swoon me. This issue’s cover model Alessandra Ambrosio delivers a colourful editorial by Liz Collins that’s not my favourite, but does feature rollerskates, so it definitely pokes some fetish bruises. Sean & Seng shoot the lush Sabrina Ioffreda in a moody shadowy shoot with lovely close-up bum shots reminiscent of John Kacare’s work. My favourite story is Terry Richardson’s filthy playful throwback shoot of Hailey Clauson perfectly capturing the essence of an 80s Playboy model. So cheeky and fun!

Alessandra Ambrosio by Liz Collins

Hailey Clauson by Terry Richardson

Sabrina Ioffreda by Sean & Seng

Edie Campbell by Liz Collins for Elle France, September 12th 2014

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Edie Campbell is to Twiggy as Anne Hathaway is to Julie Andrews. While we still have them in our lives, looking gorgeous & being perfect, it’s still good to know they have dopplegangers to continue their legacy. In this delightful 17-page spread for Elle France, Edie is a mod princess in sumptuous photos by Liz Collins. Study & recreate these looks! They are timeless!