Recent Kristen Stewart Editorials

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Kristen Stewart is such a boss. I love her evolution as a model from reluctant fashionista to devil-may-care badass. She wears clothes, hairstyles, makeup with conviction now & it is HOT. I also love her interviews. The Nylon interview is important because Stewart addresses questions about her sexuality in a deliciously young Jodie Foster’esque ambiguous way by not denying rumours that she’s dating a woman, but not committing to an actual definitive answer. I personally love this wave of sexual fluidity among teenagers & 20-somethings who are exploring their sexuality openly, but not committing to a label. Explore! Don’t be ashamed of what you explore so long as it’s with an open heart & mind. Maybe be a little ashamed of dating Robert Pattinson because that dude is weird looking, and not in a cool dangerous way like Michael Shannon. But who am I to judge! I adore Stewart and I think FKA Twigs is an angel, so if they chose to love Pattinson, I accept all parts of those I love. But anyway, I especially like how Stewart mixes validated actor speak in with a cool disinterest in everything. “I dunno man, I’m just being me and me is the craft buddy. Deal with it.” Ok! Sounds good! Love you! Gal Pals 4 Lyfe!

Kristen Stewart by Kai Z Feng for Elle UK, September 2015

Kristen Stewart by Olivia Malone for Nylon, September 2015

Recent Anne Hathaway Editorials

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U guise!  Annie’s back!  And in another Christopher Nolan movie!  There’s a ton of promotion and press being done for Interstellar right now, so this is going to be a two-parter.  These are the better of the editorials she’s done for Interstellar – a bunch of the pictures of her with her co-stars Matthew McConaughey and Jessica Chastain look like dorky class photos.  These are three of the most beautiful people currently working in Hollywood and you put them in black turtlenecks?  I think Carl Sagan would have appreciated Annie in a McQueen dress more than an homage to his personal style, just sayin’.    You can watch a 30 min roundtable with Annie, McConaughey, Christopher Nolan and Jessica Chastain on the Hollywood Reporter site here.

Time Magazine, November 11th, 2014, The Hollywood Reporter, October 31st, 2014 & Misc photoshoot

LA Press Conference for Interstellar 

By Kai Z Feng for Elle UK, October 2014

Anne Hathaway by Kai Z Feng for Elle UK, November 2014

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Hey remember last summer when we all took our middling interest in Anne Hathaway and cranked it up to an unhealthy level of obsession when she played Catwoman better and more perfect than anyone was expecting and then she won an Oscar for being frail, beautiful Fantine in Les Mis? And then she knew that over-exposure is the death of interest so she was all “SEE YA” and didn’t constantly appear in our faces for the next year and so we all got to live our lives again without ALWAYS thinking about her back-flipping out of a window in seamed thigh-highs and stilettos in front of Batman? And then remember how this summer it kept feeling like there was a void in your heart, like something vital had slipped out of your hands and you felt lost and alone and sad for no reason and then The Dark Knight Rises was suddenly on Netflix and you sobbed like a child because your heart was so full? Well, folks, I have amazing news! The second coming of The Hathaway is upon us! Again viewed through Christopher Nolan’s brunette obsessed eye, she appears before us, sharp of cheekbone, with skin white as snow, lips blood red, hair as dark as a raven, to stand next to our Lord McConaughey and show us the future of mankind. I’ll see you all at the cinema, where the screen will hear my confession, and I’ll say a little prayer, and sing a Hans Zimmer hymn. Am I over-exaggerating? Am I serious? Yes.

And if you want to tear up at the beauty of it all, here’s the final trailer for Christopher Nolan’s Intersellar