Recent Kate Winslet Editorials

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It’s Leo’s birthday! Let’s all make him papier-mâché Oscar statues! But first! Let’s look at pictures of Kate! Which is my favourite thing to do while I’m thinking about Leo.

First, allow me to FREAK OUT over these gender flip photos of Kate for the November issue of L’Uomo Vogue. GAAAAAHD! That cropped shot of her in the trousers is enough to make me want to weep into my pillow all day, but also her faaace! The cheekbones! The pomp! The bad-ass expression! My heart is full of Kate. On to the next one! Kate stars in another shoot by Peter Lindbergh for the Vogue Italia and, while equally as stunning in its stark black-and-white beauty, it doesn’t carry the same draw as the L’Uomo Vogue shoot. Also, Peter Lindbergh’s behind-the-scenes style drives me insane. I get that it’s supposed to look like this romantic voyeur shot when the subject is far off and you can see a foggy blur around the lens, but I think it looks like he accidentally stuck his thumb over part of the lens. I’ve also never cared for his shots of models posing next to all his equipment. No one cares! It’s weird and distracting! The strange thing too is that Lindbergh is actually very talented at framing a shot, he just loves the candid shots and it doesn’t work with his style at all. Kate also stars in a lovely little beauty editorial by Frederic Auerbach for Gotham. Truly we are blessed with bountiful Kateness. Also Leo! HAPPY BIRTHDAY FUTURE OSCAR WINNER! Maybe Kate will let him hold hers today and practice his speech! She’s a really good BFF.

Kate Winslet by Peter Lindbergh for L’Uomo Vogue, November 2015

Kate Winslet by Peter Lindbergh for Vogue Italia, November 2015

Kate Winslet by Frederic Auerbach for Gotham, November 2015

OBJECTIFY MEN: Joseph Gordon-Levitt by Jim Wright for Gotham, October 2015

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Oh man, I love this dapper little guy. He’s so totally not the type of filth monster that usually whispers, in a cloud of vape smoke, a husky, “Hey gurl” to my vagina. You know, if I’m really thinking about it, JGL and my vagina don’t talk a lot, BUT! I still adore him! Is it because Tom Hardy called him darling one time? Probably! Is it because he’s really confident and wears a suit well? Sure! Is it because TOM HARDY CALLED HIM DARLING ONE TIME? I dunno, maybe! But whatever the reason TOM HARDY CALLED HIM DARLING, I just adore him. JGL is currently starring in the biopic The Walk, based on the tight-rope walker Philippe Petit, who illegally performed his tight-rope walk between New York City’s Twin Towers in 1974. The movie is receiving well reviews, but I thought the trailer looked terrible. JGL’s French accent was just awful, and I’m not sure why there’s a biopic version of this story when there’s a thrilling documentary Man on Wire from 2008 that tells the same story. But let’s support JGL you guys, let’s love him unconditionally. He’s a darling, after all.

Recent Kirsten Dunst Editorials

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Kirsten Dunst has been bewitching me for 20 years now, and I’m so excited to see her in the second season of Fargo, which returns to FX October 12th. It’s important to me that everyone watch Fargo. It’s a flawless show packed with outstanding performances. I compared it last year to True Detective a lot, not because they’re similar in theme or style, but because they both feature an elite cast with a unique concept. Everyone was talking about True Detective, which was great, but Fargo was SO MUCH BETTER, and it was talked about so much less. It’s such a fresh, strange, stylish show. It’s enthralling. Now that we’ve made it through the second season of True Detective and have our own opinions about whether it lived up to the hype, we can calmly snuggle in and watch Fargo and trust that it’s going to be fucking fantastic. The second season is a prequel, focusing on the character of Lou Solverson, played by overwhelming dreamboat Patrick Wilson. The season also stars Dunst (who already perfected the folksy charm of a Minnesotan in the hilarious movie Drop Dead Gorgeous), Ted Danson, Jean Smart, Kieran Culkin, and Jesse Plemons (Todd/Meth Damon from Breaking Bad). Nick Offerman is also featured in a reoccuring role. Nick Offerman IS the Midwest! Juicy stuff, you guys! Watch it!

And look at these gorgeous, dreamy images of Dunst! Such an effortlessly talented model, you betcha.

Kirstin Dunst by René & Radka for Gotham, September 2015

Kirsten Dunst by Cedric Buchet for Town and Country, September 2015