Lily Aldridge by David Bellemere for Lui, March 2016

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Apparently I only return to my loves to let y’all know how I’m doing/share smut. TODAY IS SMUT DAY!

David Bellemere photographed the charming Lily Aldridge for the cover story of Lui’s March issue. It’s a beautiful editorial: just legs and an Angelina Jolie’esque profile. But the 80s inspired Chucks & lace panties story by Bellemere with Lorelle Rayner owns my heart! It’s such summer perfection, such perfect teasing raunch. And Lorelle is a curly haired brunette vixen!

The issue also features a lovely naughty hotel shoot with Fabienne by Olivier Zahm. My favourite favourite story from the issue is shot by Cédric Buchet and features Nadja Bender and Clement Chabernaud causing disco trouble and ensnaring men in their sex web with just long hair and long legs and stockings! Which is exactly how I ensnare men in my sex web.

Also – hi everyone! I’m doing great! I’m living in Seattle with my cat, wearing great outfits and humping great people. I sell beautiful vintage clothing at Red Light Vintage. Go shop! Or better yet! Contact me ( and we’ll shop together!

Lily Aldridge by David Bellemere for Lui, March 2016

Lorelle Rayner by David Bellemere for Lui, March 2016

Fabienne by Olivier Zahm for Lui, March 2016

Nadja Bender & Clement Chabernaud by Cédric Buchet for Lui, March 2016

Recent David Bellemere Editorials

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David Bellemere delivers some Famed Fashion Photographer Gilles Bensimon inspired realness to these editorials for the US Elle. They’re lucky to have such a talent working with them. Bellemere shoots Aline Weber for the October issue in a perfect series of shots as a lead-in from Autumn to Winter, as well as Cora Emmanuel in a similar shoot for the November issue. Melodie Monrose is featured in the November issue as well in a story that looks like one I would have clipped from an 80s issue of Elle. Excellent work from both photographer and models!

Aline Weber by David Bellemere for Elle, October 2015

Cora Emmanuel by David Bellemere for Elle, November 2015

Melodie Monrose by David Bellemere for Elle, November 2015

Recent Diane Kruger Editorials

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I checked to see if Diane Kruger has anything coming out and maybe that’s why she’s gracing us with her presence, but I don’t think she is, I think she’s just fierce and fabulous and sometimes life works in our favour. I will take this moment to promote Mr Diane Kruger – Joshua Jackson is one of the magnificent stars of the heartbreaking The Affair. You should watch it! Joshua plays a man who can really fill out a snap-front top and pair of jeans, like I imagine all men could do in the 70s. The second season is airing now. I haven’t started watching it yet, but the first season, told by Dominic West and Ruth Wilson’s point-of-view, was an intriguing delight. This season is told from the spouses’ point-of-view so it’s time to watch Pacey shine! Maura Tierney also stars. So put The Affair on your must-watch list, and then marvel at these gorgeous images of Diane Kruger. It seems like the fashion magazines and myself can’t get enough of David Bellemere, and this shoot of Diane for Violet Grey is a unique blend of Bellemere & Kruger’s style. So glam! I love it! Sean & Seng photographed Kruger for the November issue of Vanity Fair France and it’s an autumnal treat!

Diane Kruger by David Bellemere for Violet Grey, October 2015

Diane Kruger by Sean & Seng for Vanity Fair France, November 2015

Lui, October 2015

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It’s Lui time you guys! The happiest part of my month! This issue features a sultry shoot of Larissa Hofmann by LeÏla Smara and a perfectly vibrant throwback style story by David Bellemere of Martha Hunt. Best of all, Queen Naomi decided to grace us all with her presence on the cover and together we devoutly genuflect while worshipping this glorious black and white spread by Luigi & Iango. Now go do 5 Hail Naomis and be grateful she let you look at her. Go! Now!

Naomi Campbell by Luigi & Iango for Lui, October 2015

Larissa Hofmann by LeÏla Smara for Lui, October 2015

Martha Hunt by David Bellemere for Lui October 2015

David Bellemere Editorials

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David Bellemere is one of my favourite photographers. I’ve been following him for years, and his work has always been consistently dreamy and erotic. Over the past year he’s really come to the forefront of well-known fashion photographers, landing a campaign with Guess and being regularly featured in bigger publications. His hard work has paid off, and he deserves every accolade. Here is a selection of some of the more recent Bellemare shoots that I especially love – a stunning shoot for The Edit with Alciia Vikander, stories for Porter magazine with Lily Dolandson, Anais Mali, and Magdalena Frackowiak, and a naughty editorial with Nadja Bender for Vogue Spain from earlier this year.

Alicia Vikander by David Bellemere for The Edit, July 30th 2015

Lily Donaldson by David Bellemere for Porter #10, Fall 2015

Anais Mali by David Bellemere for Porter #7, Spring 2015

Magdalena Frackowiak by David Bellemere for Porter #9, 2015

Nadja Bender by David Bellemere for Vogue Spain, February 2015