LesBeehive Throwback Thursday – Retro Halloween Pin-ups

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Happy Halloween LesBees! Here’s a selection of some of my favourite Old Hollywood actresses and models posed as cheeky pin-ups and spooky witches with black cats, ghost stories, jack-oh-lanterns, and cauldrons – everything necessary for a good party. Be feisty witches this weekend! Do spells! Conjure hellbeasts! Tame them and name them after your favourite tv character! Change your costume according to venue! Indulge and enjoy the spookiest most macabre and therefore happiest time of year!

Andrea Margaret by Alveoli Photography, October 2014

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Focusing the Lesbeehive Spotlight on Alveoli Photography, who submitted this lovely bedroom shoot with the effortlessly stunning Andrea Margaret. Alveoli captures Margaret’s fairy waif beauty perfectly, and the entire story is intimate and inviting. I love this new, casual take on the boudoir shoot – a pretty girl in a bedroom, posed coquettishly on and around a bed, but not trussed up, or contorted into contrived poses (which, by the way, is still a style I adore. I love a good corset and arched back shoot), but this style is so soft, romantic, and reveals it’s own kind of natural, easy sexuality.

You can see more of Alveoli’s work at Alveoli Photography, on Tumblr, on Instagram, and on Twitter.

More of Andrea Margaret can be seen on Tumblr and on Instagram. Andrea can be reached for bookings at: dearandreamargaret@gmail.com.

Kate Moss by Peter Lindbergh for Vogue Italia, January 2015

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Kate Moss is aging in the way that all iconically beautiful women age – becoming more distinguished, her classically structured features deepening in character, the fullness of her life showing in the lines of her face. ¬†She’s going on to fulfill her role as a legendary women with each passing year.

Vintage Ellen von Unwerth Editorials

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These 4 new-to-me EVU edits beautifully display how her high contrast, vintage-y style was so aesthetic defining for fashion in the mid to late 90’s, and includes an appearance from Jenny Shimizu, who infamously dated Angelina Jolie and is now married to fashion icon¬†Michelle Harper.

Jenny Shimizu & Unknown by EVU for Vogue Italia, March 1995

Meghan Douglas by EVU for Vogue Italia, March 1995

Shirley Mallmann by EVU for Blumarine S/S 1997

Unknown by EVU for Vogue Paris, August 1994

Lucero by Darren Ankenman for Purple Diary

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Darren Ankenman photographs model Lucero in a lovely shoot for Purple Diary. I especially adore the way Lucero uses her gorgeous head of hair in each shot. My current hair goal is to have it long enough so it covers my breasts and my nipples reveal themselves through the sheet of hair. Gorgeous mermaid hair naughtiness! Also? Girls in nothing but sneakers! Yes please!