NYFW Spring/Summer 2016 – Marc Jacobs

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You know something is extra fantastic when you can only respond with Anne of Green Gables gifs.  This is how it is DONE, SON.  From the venue, New York’s fabled Ziegfeld theater where the art of spectacle was invented, to the presentation, with the girls walking the red carpet, being photographed by the paparazzi, and then walking the aisles of the theater as a band played, to the collection itself, this all works together perfectly as a wonderful tribute to Americana through out the ages.  From vintage film actress dresses to bandstand festooning to Letterman jackets to Bowie-esque blue suits to motorcycle jackets and everything in between, Marc Jacobs showed all of these important pieces of fashion from the last century done his way, with a cheekiness and a delight that so many other designers lack.   All this plus some amazing casting, including Beth freaking Ditto.  I think my only complaint about this show was that the girls were all so unsmiling.  If there was ever a reason to have some happy models, this collection was it.  You can read more about the references to past icon fashion moments here, and watch the video of the show here.

Marilyn Monroe by Ed Feingersh in NYC in 1955

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Ed Feingersh shadows Marilyn Monroe over the course of four days in 1955 while she was living in New York City. Exiled to the city from LA for attempting to break out of her 20th Century Fox contract, this was a time of transformation for Marilyn, a change you can see coming through in these candid, intimate photographs. Seeing her iconic face on the subway, unrecognized by those around her is surreal but perhaps even more rare is the pictures of Marilyn, make up free and not posing. The vulnerability in these pictures shows a side of Marilyn not often seen and makes you draw even closer.

Gia Genevieve by Elllen von Unwerth for Galore Magazine February 2014

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Gia Genevieve is a Jayne Mansfield brought back to life with her killer curves, big blonde hair, and gorgeous features. Combining her retro-fantastic look with Ellen von Unwerth’s vintage styled photography has created these pictures that are so hot, they melt my brain a lil.