Solveig Mørk Hansen by Kenneth Willardt for Vanity Fair Italia, April 8th 2015

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I love this pretty little lingerie shoot by Kenneth Willardt. Is there anything better than fishnets? No! There is not!

Helena Christensen by Fred Meylan for Madame Figaro

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Helena Christensen is a work of art! Here’s to 25 years of watching her, transfixed, as she frolics about in the sand and ocean!

Daisy Lowe by Catherine Servel for Ponystep No. 7, Spring/Summer 2015

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Daisy Lowe’s curves haunt my dreams. She’s one of my dream pale brunettes, and I feel like we haven’t seen enough of her lately. Here’s a whole lot of her to make up for what we’ve missed!

Homage to John Kacere by Robbie Fimmano for Interview, March 2015

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This lush editorial from March’s Interview magazine is an homage to artist John Kacare. Kacere was one of the pioneers of the photo realism, painting ladies’ torsos clad in lingerie.   His subjects were usually lounging in bed, giving the paintings a sense of intimacy, with an emphasis on the fullness of curves.

John Kacere’s work

Bo’s 365 Photo Project (Days 29-42)

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I started doing a 365 Photo Project on Flickr and Instagram and Tumblr. Every day for one year, I’ll be taking a self portrait. I share an image each day on Flickr, as well as Outtakes on days where the shoot goes well. I also share the image (sometimes an outtake if the original image is too naked) on Instagram and every image on Tumblr. Message/add me if you’d like to follow my progress, or if you’re also doing the project, or feel inspired to start one yourself.

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