Emily, Isabeli, Karmen, Lais, Magdalena and Sara by Mark Segal for Lui July 2014

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Once again, the Lui for July/August is a trumiph. Homaging the original publication’s 70′s sensuality, this issue features six different ladies photographed by Mark Segal, all in lush Bond-girl esque poses. Each one is bringing her own uniqueness to the concept, making each one gorgeous to look at.

Emily DiDonato by Mark Segal

Isabeli Fontana by Mark Segal

Karmen Pedaru by Mark Segal

Lais Ribeiro by Mark Segal

Magdalena Frackowiak by Mark Segal

Sara Sampaio by Mark Segal

Hailey Clauson for Flaunt by Yu Tsai, July 2014

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Hailey Clauson owns this lush editorial shot by Yu Tsai for the July issue of Flaunt. She looks like a Kate Upton/Ashley Smith hybrid – all bosomy with a piercing gaze. This is the most grown-up editorial Clauson has shot so far and through Yu Tsai’s soft, sensual lens, it’s a gorgeous story.

Britney Spears by David LaChapelle for Rolling Stone, April 15th, 1999

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Spears and LaChapelle both say they knew the photo would cause a bit of commotion, but they figured it was worth it. “I said to her, ‘You don’t want to be buttoned up, like Debbie Gibson,’ ” LaChapelle recalls. “I said, ‘Let’s push it further and do this whole Lolita thing.’ She got it. She knew it would get people talking and excited.” Spears proved, even then, that she was going to take charge of crafting her own image. One night while they were shooting, LaChapelle says, Spears’ manager, Larry Rudolph, walked in at 2 a.m. to find her posing in her bra and panties. Rudolph demanded to know what was going on. “Britney said, ‘Yeah, I don’t feel comfortable,’ ” says the photographer. “At first I felt betrayed. But as soon as Larry walked out, Britney said, ‘Lock the door’ and unbuttoned her shirt wide open.”

Artist Gil Elvgren

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Gil Elvgren was one of the most important and prolific pin up artists of the early 20th century. Creating an aesthetic that is still celebrated today, Elvgren’s ladies are playful, adventurous, and unabashed in their various states of undress, innocent with just a hint of naughty. Choosing my favorites from his vast catalogue of work was very difficult, but I tried to put together a group that represented his seasonal themes, nudes, visual tricks and his overall celebration of the female form.

Mariacarla Boscono, Candice Huffine & Karmen Pedaru by Mert & Marcus for W, March 2012

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I love this editorial, appropriately titled “The Girly Show”, of Mariacarla’s lithe little body mixed with Karmen’s slim muscular frame, and Candice’s inviting curves. They’re a trio of gorgeously shaped kicking legs and long mussed hair and luscious gazes. Beautiful!