Madonna and Steven Meisel have had a long standing creative relationship that has prolifically created some of her most iconic images, her infamous Sex book being one of the most notable. In celebration of the Queen of the Gays’ 55th birthday, we’re going to share our favorite shoots of her by Meisel from what was her most perfect/legendary/beautiful/sexual eras, 1991 to 1993, marked by the release of Erotica, the Truth or Dare documentary, the aforementioned book, and her Girlie Show tour.

The images of Madonna from this shoot are some of the earliest I remember capturing my attention. I had known of her before this point, of course, but in a broad, not specifically interested way. It was this time period that rose her to a new level of provocateur, and Meisel helped shape that visual to perfection. This shoot is such a gorgeous celebration of Madonna’s absolutely stunning, perfect, awe-inspiring bosom-space. I love how Madonna so unabashedly flaunts her curves, looking positively impressed when she admires herself in the mirror, like mirrors only exist to confirm how stunning she is. In every shot she’s delivering sexed-up showgirl, looking like Marilyn’s evil twin, void of any trace of innocence or vulnerability, just pure, unfiltered sex.

Madonna photographed by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia, February 1991