Paris Fashion Week SS 2016 – Comme Des Garçons & Yohji Yamamoto

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At last, it’s time for the bold originality from two brands that never disappoint.   Comme’s designer Rei Kawakubo is the definition of original.  She takes ever convention about fashion, every cliche, every expectation and obliterates it.  Completely dismissing things like references or influences or call back, she creates structural pieces of wearable art that are gorgeous in their inscrutability.  This collection is a tight sixteen looks, that defy definition.  Yohji Yamamoto is much the same.  These Victorian goth punk looks, complete with over sized black parasols, hoop skirts, loose bustiers and petticoats, ending with a Winona Ryder in Beetlejuice red wedding dress.

Comme Des Garçons

Yohji Yamamoto


Paris Fashion Week Fall 2015 – Freakshow

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We can always rely on the weirdos of the world to keep things interesting.  With all this revival and rebooting and throwbacks, it’s starting to feel like no one is trying anything new in fashion.  But this is when you look to the stand alones, the unique birds who follow no trends and blaze their own paths.  We’ve depended on designers like Yohji Yamamoto and John Galliano to push boundaries, take risks and give us something to challenge our aesthetics.

Yohji Yamamoto

Maison Margiela by John Galliano

AF Vandervost

PFW Spring 2015 – The Ridiculously Sublime

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It’s hard sometimes to explain high level fashion.  How do you begin to explain a designer like Rei Kawakubo or Yohji Yamamoto to someone who’s all about practicality in their style choices? The only way I’ve been able to explain the fantastical designs of these four designers is to talk about these pieces not as something for the everyday, that these are sculptural works of art built around the human form. This isn’t about wearability, this is about making an artistic statement with a jacket that has lines that no one would expect. And these are some of the most talented fashion artists currently working today.

Comme des Garçons Spring 2015
In the church of fashion, Rei Kawakubo is the saint of innovation. She steps outside of all fashion cliches, creates pieces that challenge the mind. This is where boring, classic, repeative fashion goes to die and the word unique is defined. The hooded cloak this season is one of my favorite pieces of this whole season – bold and structural and textural.


Viktor & Rolf Spring 2015
When I think of this label, I think of delicateness done in a surrealistic, slightly skewered way. This collection’s little attempts at butchiness with the undershirts and the bike shorts somehow made this collection even more feminine, which is a mark of their genius.


Vivienne Westwood Spring 2015
There has never been and never will be another designer like Vivienne Westwood. She’s gone from an early punk trend setter to the master of Victorian era influenced basques and skirts to the woman whose insanely high platform heels toppled even Naomi Campbell to her present form as eco-warrior. This collection calls in all of these different incarnations of Westwood, with some playful, child like styling that makes this feel like dressing up in kindergarten.


Yohji Yamamoto Spring 2015
This collection proved that the unusual can still be sexy. By mixing patterns, cuts, textures, fabrics and colors, this collection had a sensual feel to it, skin peaking through cobwebby knits, below deconstructed cropped tops and low slung, loose pants.