Yoga With Bo, January 9th 2016

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I find that I stick to projects best when I share them with others. Rachel is my Project Partner in many things. It’s an important aspect of our friendship, especially since it’s long distance. We’re there for each other in all ways, but sharing projects makes me feel even closer to her.

Our projects mainly revolve around yoga, cooking, and photography. This month we’re doing Yoga With Adriene’s Yoga Camp. It’s amazing! Each daily practice is accompanied by a mantra, which I really respond to. I like words mixed with action.

I haven’t been great about doing this project every day. This past week has been an intense week personally and physically so I’ve been grabbing yoga in small bursts here and there, but not taking a stretch of time for myself every day. I’ve done 4 of the 8 days though, so not bad!

I thought a good way to encourage me to keep it up is to share the video each day (on days I actually participate) and, if I’m inspired, also share my thoughts on the mantra. Join me if you feel inspired!

Today’s class was restorative after a week of challenging goodness. It was perfect for me because a) today is my gin-through-a-straw day (which is what I call the first day of my period), 2) my body aches, and d) my attention span is terrible lately. I have probably a dozen projects all going at once and I flit from one to the other like a faerie with melancholia. So just the actual practice felt scrumptious!
Today’s mantra is: “I choose…”

I finished the sentence with “to take care of myself.”

I choose this path my life is on. It didn’t happen TO me. I’m not a spectator in my life, I AM my life. I AM my choices. So here’s where I’m at based on my choices. I chose this path. I choose to take care of myself. Not just as a solo person without a partner for the first time in 20 years, but also as a human with a body and a mind and choice to do what feels right for myself. So that’s what I choose today. To take care of myself. I take control of me.


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Hello my loves!

I’ve been doing yoga challenges through Instagram & YouTube for the past few months & it has been so much fun! I’d like to integrate my yoga/pilates practice progress onto the site, and decided to start by sharing a lovely yoga challenge I’ll be doing in September.

Instagram users @beachyogagirl & @kinoyoga are hosting a pose challenge called #BasicYogaMix, sponsored by @aloyoga. Every day for the month of September users do an assigned pose & share their result on their own Instagram. Pose challenges are an excellent way to check in with your body and make sure you’re doing a pose correctly, zero on on certain areas, and connect with friends for encouragement and tips. If you follow the hosts on Instagram, each day they’ll give a tutorial and offer variations for the daily pose. You can read more about the hosts, and purchase a more in-depth program on their site Yoga Challenge.

Join me on Instagram and add to our little community of yogis! I’m doing this challenge this month with Instagram users @consumewarily, @poetesss, and @kimbugly. Respond to one of my #YogaWithBo posts on Instagram if you’d like to join us! I’m also considering starting a Facebook group for us to share pictures privately before sharing them with the masses. At the end of each week, I’ll post a recap with my poses, as well as a reminder for people to join in. You can join any time, or do any number of days. Let’s have some yoga fun together!