The Jolie-Pitts by Annie Leibovitz for Vogue US, November 2015

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I love this family so much. AMERICAN ROYALTY! PRESS THEIR VISAGE ON COINS! Angelina Jolie’s adaptation of my fever dream – By the Sea comes out this November, and she’s featured as the perfectly Jolie’rific cover-star of the latest issue of Vogue. Inside though! INSIDE YOU GUYS! Angelina frolics about with her big, beautiful family, and it’s so outstandingly entertaining that I’ve continuously wept since I first saw the pictures. Annie Leibovitz has been photographing this family since it was just Angie (she insists I call her Angie) & Maddox, so the comfortable familiarity is present in every shot. Plus that entire family is the personification of Charisma Uniqueness Nerve and Talent. It’s so lovely seeing children who are celebrated and adored and encouraged to be their own person. The Jolie-Pitt family is one of the 239043 reasons I don’t want to have kids. They did it! No need for me to bother! I’ll just frame their family photos and focus on the upkeep of my hair and cats. Thanks Jolie-Pitts! Love u!

LesBeehive Throwback Thursday – Coco Rocha by Craig McDean for Vogue US, May 2008

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The 2008 Met Gala theme was “Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy”. I remember loving it, though honestly all I can recall at the moment is Naomi Watts in Thierry Mugler and this fantastic photo shoot for Vogue by Craig McDean featuring wonder poser Coco Rocha dressed as various fashion warriors. Dig Coco as a Nici Ricci clad Poison Ivy and a perfect Catwoman in a Dolce & Gabbana molded corset, Swarovski crystal studded mask, and Christian Louboutin for Rodarte spiked heels that will SLAY ALL. Marvel at Coco as Gaultier’s Little Mermaid, the fiercest Batman in Rick Owens cashmere, and an angelic retro glam Dawnstar in Dior Haute Couture.

Lupita Nyong’O by Mert & Marcus for Vogue US, October 2015

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Lupita is all things! She has a dancer’s grace, a Thespian’s gravitas, and other fancy words to describe her indescribable beauty. This is what I want to say when I look at Lupita: HOW? HOW, INDEED! She is a rare find, and we’re so lucky to have her, someone who can invoke emotion and a swoon through just an image, who also moves us in film. I think she’s the next Cate Blanchett, moving us with every presentation. Perfection.

These images, shot for the October issue of US Vogue, shot by Mert & Marcus, are stunning because Lupita is stunning, but also because she wears couture fashion effortlessly – she looks like she’s having fun and delighting in every piece. She’s fun to watch, and it’s obvious in this spread that the photographers had fun with the model. What an amazing shoot. I don’t want to look away.

Forces of Fashion for Vogue US, September 2015

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This set of photos is a real fashion over-stimulation! Instead of speaking of it in a general term, I’m going to pick a few specific pictures to point out. If, however, I WAS going to speak of it in a general term I would say: YASSSSS! COMBINE MANY MODELS/MANY FASHION-FORWARD CELEBRITIES/ALL THE MOST INSPIRED DESIGNERS/A MIX OF WELL KNOWN AND UP-AND-COMING PHOTOGRAPHERS/AND HALF A DOZEN STYLISTS AND GIVE ME ALL THE FASHION GLORY! I CAN HANDLE IT! GIVE IT TO ME! I CAN’T HANDLE IT! GIVE IT TO ME ANYWAY!

Something like that.

That being said. Please take note of my five favourite images:

1. Beyoncé in Givenchy & designer Riccardo Tisci by Anton Corbijn
I mean, duh doy. But this shot alone is gorgeous. Beyoncé as a literal force of nature (for she is the WIND!) with Tisci sprawled at her feet, confident that she’s bringing glory to his art. It’s perfect. Also, I love the way Jay Z says Tisci in concert. It’s adorable.

2. Caroline Trentini in Dior, Karlie Kloss in Oscar de la Renta, & Raquel Zimmermann in McQueen- by Jamie Hawkesworth
This is the second shot in the 27 page spread. WHAT IF I TALK ABOUT ALL OF THEM? I will try to limit myself. But this shot looks like a shot from an early 90s Vogue, which is the Vogue baby Bo was first introduced to, so it’s where my heart lives. What a perfect trio of girls to create this iconic inspiration. Also I love when models cuddle. It’s adorable.

3. Raquel Zimmermann in Valentino by Tim Walker
This is a perfect trio of talent, all made for each other. I wish there was an entire spread of just Raquel with her renaissance look, wearing romantic Valentino, captured by Walker’s whimsical eye.

4. FKA Twigs in Prada by Inez & Vinoodh
If I saw this Prada outfit on anyone but Twigs I would have just drifted right over it, but she can literally wear anything and use her doll-beauty and magnificently contorting limbs to make anything work. I imagine Inez & Vinoodh were positively giddy to work with someone as strange and artistic and unique as themselves. This shot is positively iconic. I adore it.

5. Nicholas Hoult in Tom Ford by Theo Wenner
This picture would only be more perfect if Ford was in the shot with Nicholas. CAN YOU IMAGINE? I’M IMAGINING IT RIGHT NOW! I have such a thing for anything that combines the stars of A Single Man + Tom Ford. So any time Tom is Julianne Moore’s date to an event, or every time I see Colin Firth I think, “OUCH! MY HEART!” then “OOH! THAT’S HOT!” Nicholas + Tom is my favourite pairing though. It’s just so much throwback perfection. My heart, it aches.

A few additional notes: I love that Maggie Rizer is in a shot next to Karen Elson! KISS HER! Is that the Bjork All Is Full of Love robot in the Edie Campbell by Tim Walker shot? I’m going to imagine it is and it’s inviting Edie back to her Bjork love-pod. The Cara and Gigi and Adele portraits are gorgeous! Such lens piercing goodness! That last shot bums me out and makes me want to overdose on pictures of women to make up for having to look at it. But we accept all parts of those we love, and I love this editorial!

Liya Kedebe by David Sims and Raquel Zimmermann by Mikael Jansson for Vogue US, September 2015

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The September Issue of the US Vogue is pretty good this year. Two shoots stand out as classic Vogue with a fun twist – one of the darling Liya Kebede by David Sims in a studio fashion shoot with a whole lotta jumping and spinning that is usually reserved for Meisel and Caroline Trentini. Way to branch out Vogue! Raquel Zimmermann stars in a spectacularly autumnal shoot by Mikael Jansson, something I’ve seen done many times before by Mert and Marcus, but this fairytale lost girl in the wood theme feels moodier, smokier, spookier, like Mert and Marcus and Tim Walker had a baby and named it Mikael Jansson, which is something I think could conceivably happen. Zimmermann’s Rapunzel tendrils and haunting gaze contribute beautifully to this story. And the coats! I miss coats, you guys. I don’t miss winter yet, but I sure do love a smart jacket.

Liya Kebede by David Sims for Vogue US, September 2015

Raquel Zimmermann by Mikael Jansson for Vogue US, September 2015

Speaking of Caroline Trentini! Here’s a perfectly whimsical romantic shot of Caroline by Patrick Demarchelier for the September Issue. So dreamy!