Recent Lana Del Rey Editorials

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Weird that I haven’t shared any of these photos considering I light a candle to each of them every day. Lana’s most recent album Honeymoon has been playing on an infinite loop on my music machine, as well as in my brain, heart, and loinspace since September. It’s smooth mellow retro sex gold and while it doesn’t quite move me the way Ultraviolence did and still does, it’s a solid album that proves Lana is a force.

Let’s take a peek of some of Lana’s most stunning recent editorials. She’s a vision in Jork Weismann’s photos for the Interview Germany (which is a really fantastic publication), a throwback darling in a Billboard shoot by Joe Pugliese, a glam doll in the cover shoot by Liz Collins for the November issue of Vogue Turkey, and an ingénue in a set of collectors covers for the Fall/Winter issue of Nylon Español. My favourite shoot though is the odd macabre grieving Priscilla Presley at a Sex Club shoot by Steven Klein for V Magazine. I cannot stop staring at it. She’s the poutiest princesstress. I love her so much you guys. Time to go weep all over my altar and stain my satin with various holy and massage oils!

Lana Del Rey by Jork Weismann for Interview Germany, October 2015

Lana Del Rey by Joe Pugliese for Billboard, October 31st 2015

Lana Del Rey by Liz Collins for Vogue Turkey, November 2015

Lana Del Rey by Esteban Calderón for Nylon Español, Fall/Winter 2015

Lana Del Rey by Steven Klein for V Magazine #97, Fall 2015

Jessica Chastain by Steven Klein for W Magazine, November 2015

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The more I look at this shoot, the less I like it. At first I was like, “YEAH!” then I was like, “Uhhhh?” and now I’m like, “WHAT EVEN ARE THOSE EYEBROWS?” I do like the techno future neon hologram fashion hacker vibe, and Chastain lends a set of razor sharp weapons disguised as cheekbones to every shot and her bosom space is just magnificent barely covered in lace and feathers, but something just doesn’t click. This happens sometimes with Klein stories. Is it because it’s a portrait shoot? Would the look lend itself better to a location? Is it because Chastain does the elegant lady look better, and maybe a different model would be more convincing? I don’t think so. I like Chastain challenging herself to be a chameleon, even if my favourite shot in a film ever will forever be Jessica looking like a retro ethereal earth mother while a butterfly lands on her fingertip (WHICH WAS NOT SCRIPTED) in Terrence Malick’s The Tree of Life. Also, no big whoop, but that happened to me once. So, I guess what I’m saying is, I am Jessica Chastain. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go do weird things with my brows that will make Kevyn Aucoin rise from his grave!

Vogue Italia, June 2015

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After 17 years, Steven Meisel is rumored to have broken off his partnership with Vogue Italia.  Though the details are sketchy at this point, one thing is definitely clear from the most recent issue – Vogue Italia is going in a new direction creatively.  Tapping some of fashion’s biggest photographers, this issue features the faces of the wave of Chinese models currently dominating magazines world wide.  My personal favorite of all these editorials is Fei Fei Sun by Mert and Marcus, which heavily features Givenchy’s jewelry.

Fei Fei Sun by Mert & Marcus; Xiao Wen Ju by Steven Klein; Yuan Bo Chao by Craig McDean; Jing Wen, Gia Tang & Fernanda Ly by Mario Sorrenti

Fei Fei Sun by Mert & Marcus

Anna Cleveland, Jing Ma, Tian Yi & Xiao Wen Ju by Steven Klein

Yuan Bo Chao & Natalie Westling by Craig McDean

Jing Wen, Gia Tang & Fernanda Ly by Mario Sorrenti

Recent Lara Stone Editorials

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I haven’t been much into Klein’s work over the past few years, but this shoot he did with Lara Stone for the January issue of Vogue Italia is flawless and reveals all the reasons I initially fell for him so many years ago – it’s jarring, stark, decadent, and bold. Lara also stars in a lovely story for the April issue of Vogue Paris, shot by Alasdair McLellan, who I think shoots Lara better than any other photographer. They have a lovely simpatico and seem to understand each other perfectly. They make beautiful art together. Elina Kechicheva shoots Lara for the May issue of Marie Claire France in a fabulous 70s inspired denim and sheer tee-shirt shoot. Lara’s bosomspace is the definition of magnificence!

Lara Stone by Steven Klein for Vogue Italia, January 2015

Lara Stone by Alasdair McLellan for Vogue Paris, April 2015

Lara Stone by Elina Kechicheva for Marie Claire France, May 2015

Kristen Stewart by Steven Klein, Hedi Slimane and Karl Lagerfeld

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Kristen Stewart has decided to take a break from walking around LAX holding hands with her ‘really close friend’ Alicia Cargile to promote an indie movie she made a while back.  More importantly, she’s done some editorials where she actually looks like herself, and not a femmed up, uncomfortable version of herself.  The pictures by Hedi Slimane from the Wonderland (only 6 of the full 10 page editorial) are all of Kristen in her own clothing and jewelry and are the most comfortable I’ve seen her look in front of a camera.

Interview Magazine by Steven Klein, March 2015

Wonderland Magazine by Hedi Slimane, Spring 2015

CR Fashion Book by Karl Lagerfeld, Spring 2015