Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue, March 2015

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Su and I have been obsessed with the Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue since its inception in 1995 (quick note: Oscar nominees and likely winners for best lead and supporting actress Julianne Moore and Patricia Arquette are two of the women featured on the first Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue cover). A line-up of the most beautiful, popular performers of the year is too good to resist, and we would eagerly await the tri-fold cover each year, fold it out (or in the past few years, refresh the page) and delight or dismay in the choices of cover-stars. There have been a few misses, especially over the past few years, but the majority of the issues are memorable and timeless. Inside each issue, portraits of celebrities are featured and photographed by popular photographers. I believe Annie Leibovitz has shot every cover, including this year’s. This year’s portfolio is shot by British portrait photographer Jason Bell and features only popular British actors (even though the cover definantly features three American actors). While I’m not personally familiar with a lot of the performers, and I’m not totally on board with some of the people featured, and of course I have an angrily scribbled list of people who were overlooked (“WHERE’S IDRIS?” Su exclaimed), the actual photos are gorgeous; it’s always so refreshing to see a talented photographer who isn’t especially well known receive a spotlight this big.

Reese Witherspoon, Keira Knightley, The Fanning Sisters and more by Tim Walker for W Magazine

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W Magazine’s annual Great Performances portfolio is by British photographer Tim Walker this year, who infuses the portraits with wit and whimsy as only he can. ┬áThe list of performers includes new faces like David Oyelowo and Carmen Ojogo as well as some past favorites, all of whom gave beautiful, nuanced performances this year that are earning them acclaim.

Reese Witherspoon by Mikael Jansson for Vogue, October 2014

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Reese Witherspoon is the star of the October of Vogue. When Su & I first heard the news we were all, “Oh brother! *exaggerated eye roll*” because Reese Witherspoon doesn’t really feel like a Vogue cover star type any more. Turns out, she totally is! The cover is gorgeous and inviting! The editorial inside, shot by Mikael Jansson, who is such a fresh choice over the usual Leibovitz or Testino overly airbrushed monstrosities, is fun and sexy. I love every shot!

Yesterday the trailer for Inherent Vice was released. The up-coming Paul Thomas Anderson movie starring Joaquin Phoenix looks hilarious and amazing! Reese Witherspoon is also in the movie, so of course this sent Su and I into a nostalgia spiral to 2005 when Reese and Joaquin were our whole world because Walk the Line came out that year and they both looked so beautiful together! Long-time readers will remember when we called the Joaqeese and believed they were secretly in love. It was all very tragic and beautiful!

For the November 2005 issue of Vogue, Reese was the cover star, shot by Annie Leibovitz. The cover was dull and a bit awkward, but the spread inside was pure magick! Reese and Joaquin starred in an exciting, beautiful story together as Johnny and June Cash, including one shot of Reese in June’s dressing room, a shot of Joaquin and Reese posed with Steve Earle and Dolly Parton, and another of Joaquin and Reese doing an homage to an iconic shot of John and June. So beautiful! And the story stands the test of time, it still aches my chest to look at them together in such a gorgeous tribute to one of the most beloved couples in music history. Now everyone stop what you’re doing, watch the Inherent Vice trailer, then go watch Walk the Line! Off with you!

Reese Witherspoon by Mikael Jansson for Vogue, October 2014

Reese Witherspoon & Joaquin Phoenix for Vogue by Annie Leibovitz, November 2005