Paris Fashion Week SS 2016 – Maison Margiela and Vionnet

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It’s almost a sense of relief to know that John Galliano is designing again and has a collection showing during Paris Fashion Week.  The time where he was gone, a vitality felt lacking.  His constant waves of innovation, he’s references and inspirations, his aesethetic is one of the things that brings a season to life, and makes it memorable.  His ready to wear collection for Maison Margiela is the perfect example of that.  Full of touches that are distinctly Galliano, punk reference like fishnets, some under dresses, other pulled over heels, are blended beautifully with homages to the house’s past, with the cracked, white paint over fabric and layered, unusual silhouettes.  He also finds inspiration in Asian cultures, as he did in past collections for Dior, with kimono style ties on the dresses.  Also apparently back packs are in again?  The Vionnet Spring 2016 collection is also a beautiful salute to this vintage label’s trademark, the long, lean lines.  Dresses that could have draped themselves over Katherine Hepburn’s slim form in an old movie here are modernized with a sheath, over the whole body, of gauzy sheerness, making the lines of this dresses soften.

Maison Margiela




Vogue UK, September 2015

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The September issue of Vogue UK is almost magnificent. It just slightly misses the mark. The cover story featuring the always stunning Emma Watson is just a little skewered in its styling (the hair?). A story by Alasdair McLellan featuring Anna Ewers is fantastic – it looks like a Robert Palmer Video Girl in an editorial (I’m thirty seven!). Paolo Roversi features twelve models in a classic Roversi portrait shoot, and I think it’s my favourite story of the issue, each girl brings her own fresh unique style to his very recognizable style. Rianne Van Rompaey stars in a spooky ethereal Craig McDean shoot that made me realize I miss McDean, I haven’t seen much of his work that has stood out lately, and he used to be one of my top five favourite fashion photographers. So yes, nothing eternal, but definitely some memorable shots by some of the best photographers, three of whom – McLellan, Roversi, and McDean, are spectacularly talented at capturing an autumnal mood. Bring on the fall, fuck you summer!

Emma Watson by John Olins for Vogue UK, September 2015

Anna Ewers by Alasdair McLellan for Vogue UK, September 2015

Paolo Roversi for Vogue UK, September 2015

Rianne Van Rompaey by Craig McDean for Vogue UK, September 2015

‘Back In the Lime Light’ by Mert & Marcus for W, September 2015

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This immense, intense, technicolor editorial in the September W magazine is like an ever lasting disco fever dream.  It’s what your imagination creates when you think of what it is that the beautiful people of the world do.  It’s models new and established, actresses, musicians, It Girls, boy toys and the gorgeous people who orbit them.  It’s like moments caught in a strobe light, brief flashes of sex, abandonment, beauty, lasciviousness, and the universal search for the best party ever.

Recent Lara Stone Editorials

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I haven’t been much into Klein’s work over the past few years, but this shoot he did with Lara Stone for the January issue of Vogue Italia is flawless and reveals all the reasons I initially fell for him so many years ago – it’s jarring, stark, decadent, and bold. Lara also stars in a lovely story for the April issue of Vogue Paris, shot by Alasdair McLellan, who I think shoots Lara better than any other photographer. They have a lovely simpatico and seem to understand each other perfectly. They make beautiful art together. Elina Kechicheva shoots Lara for the May issue of Marie Claire France in a fabulous 70s inspired denim and sheer tee-shirt shoot. Lara’s bosomspace is the definition of magnificence!

Lara Stone by Steven Klein for Vogue Italia, January 2015

Lara Stone by Alasdair McLellan for Vogue Paris, April 2015

Lara Stone by Elina Kechicheva for Marie Claire France, May 2015

Bewitched by Mert and Marcus for W, March 2015

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I want to crawl inside this editorial and live inside its perfectly macabre world. This is exactly what the inside of my head looks like. Spend some time with it, immerse yourself, then go do a spell.