NYFW Spring/Summer 2016 – Marc Jacobs

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You know something is extra fantastic when you can only respond with Anne of Green Gables gifs.  This is how it is DONE, SON.  From the venue, New York’s fabled Ziegfeld theater where the art of spectacle was invented, to the presentation, with the girls walking the red carpet, being photographed by the paparazzi, and then walking the aisles of the theater as a band played, to the collection itself, this all works together perfectly as a wonderful tribute to Americana through out the ages.  From vintage film actress dresses to bandstand festooning to Letterman jackets to Bowie-esque blue suits to motorcycle jackets and everything in between, Marc Jacobs showed all of these important pieces of fashion from the last century done his way, with a cheekiness and a delight that so many other designers lack.   All this plus some amazing casting, including Beth freaking Ditto.  I think my only complaint about this show was that the girls were all so unsmiling.  If there was ever a reason to have some happy models, this collection was it.  You can read more about the references to past icon fashion moments here, and watch the video of the show here.

New Zoë Kravitz Editorials

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As I have previously expounded upon, Zoë Kravitz is possibly the most beautiful human currently walking the Earth.  As we all countdown to Mad Max: Fury Road in May in which her and a bevy of other perfect specimens of humanity will be wandering around in a George Miller fashioned hellscape, we’ve been blessed with these new pictures of Goddess Zoe.  Also boobies.

Photographed by Zackery Michael for Flaunt Magazine, Spring/Summer 2015

For Complex Magazine, April/May 2015

Emma Roberts by Stevie and Mada for Flaunt, October 2014

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One of the highlights from the camp fantastique that is American Horror Story is Emma Roberts.  Thin as a reed, with a smoker’s voice and the perfect teenage apathy, she came in during season three as the spoiled starlet.  Bitchy, beautifully styled and always teetering on sky high heels, she was the embodiment of the over-indulged young women in Hollywood, never responsible for her actions, never having to feel any strong emotions beyond annoyance and horniness.  Adore these entitled girls and their unapologetic attitude towards life, despite how toxic they are.

Recent Anne Hathaway Appearances

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There’s been lots of press and premieres for Interstellar already, and Annie has looked fantastic every time.  Let’s bask in the excellent styling, shall we?

Wearing Christopher Kane at the American Cinematheque Award honoring Matthew McConaughey on October 21st.

This dress is a naughty tease – I love the rope detailing tying in loops and knots all over her body, it has a slight fetishy feel to it.  Plus we can always rely on Annie to wear fabulously high heels with ease.  And hey, why not some pictures of her co-star Jessica Chastain in a beautiful yellow Givenchy dress?

LA Press Conference for Interstellar, October 26th

I love this cut that she’s sporting right now – she stayed with the short crop for a lot longer than I thought she would – and it’s always a little hard to see her with short hair because when her hair is long it is fucking EPIC, but this bob frames her features beautifully.

Wearing Givenchy couture at the LA Premiere for Interstellar, October 26th

This whole look is PERFECTION.  I love the slip dress with the subtle darting, it hangs off her body and gently skims her curves like a dream.  The statement jewelry hanging down her back and on her hand are the stars against the midnight blue sky of the dress.  This is some epic styling by Penny Lovell.  Jessica Chastain looks equally stunning in a Richard Nicoll’s dress.

Wearing Marc Jacobs at the Maison Assouline Opening, October 29th

The simplicity of black velvet and patterned tights and ankle boots all come together in this great look.  It’s sexy without being too revealing, and stylish without being too much.  There was a London premiere but I wasn’t into the dress Anne was wearing.



NYFW Spring 2015 – Marc Jacobs and the rest

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Let’s kick out the last few note-worthy shows from this mostly dullsville fashion week to prepare ourselves for London’s weirdo-ness.

Marc Jacobs Spring 2015
You can’t have a conversation about fashion right now and not include Marc Jacobs. He defined fashion itself as the designer for Louis Vuitton, and has made his own line into a barometer for which trends and what models to watch out for as the next big thing. This collection had his signature flair for the theatrical, staged around a life sized pink house with the models in matching Sonny Bono wigs and no makeup. The designs themselves weren’t super inspired but they were functionable and pretty and outside of the repetitive shit we’ve seen all week, so they deserve props for that.

Anna Sui Spring 2015
This is a designer with a very defined, set look. It’s predictable, but still beautifully put together. The 70s inspired graphics and the short, puffed sleeved jackets made me squee with delight and want.


Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony Spring 2015
Chloe gives me and Bo hope as ladies in our late 30s. Watching her rock mini skirts and playfully bringing back 90s trends lets us know we can also do this and not look ridiculous. That being said, the use of the scrunchie in this collection makes me physically ill. They were the fashion herpes of the 90’s and I REFUSE, CHLOE.

Elizabeth and James Spring 2015
This is another actor-turned-designer collection, this time from Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. They’ve won international praise for their signature line, The Row, which creates long, flowing, luxury pieces that are modest but still flattering. This junior line of theirs is very much focused on a younger market. Using Yumi Lambert as their lookbook model is a great choice, her pretty, alien-like face looks perfectly unemotionally in these pretty, modern pieces.