Angelina Jolie Turns 40

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Here’s how much I love Angelina Jolie – while I was going through my 10,000+ picture collection I have on my computer of her selecting my favorites for this post celebrating her 40th birthday today, I almost started crying because I love her so much.  I am not alone in this level of worshipful adoration of the model turned actress turned director, many other women, especially those who came of age in the 90’s, see her as an icon, inspiring us all to live honestly and never be ashamed and to be kind to the world around you even if that world hasn’t been kind to you.  Angelina has been through many different transformations in her life, each one a guide post for young women to show you how to be all things that you want, when you want.

Early to Mid 90’s – Teen Model

Mid to Late 90’s – Bisexual Icon

Late 90’s to Early 00’s – Carnal Tattooed Queen

Early 00’s – Brad Pitt Fucker

Early 00’s to Present – Fertility Goddess / Earth Mother

Late 00’s to Present – Camp Event

Angelina Jolie by Mario Testino for Vanity Fair, December 2014

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Behold!  The piercing gaze, the divinely shaped face, the lips of an angel!  Goddess Angelina Jolie photographed lounging in her home on Mount Olympus, just chilling out on clouds being unutterably beautiful and shit.  Don’t look at her for too long, otherwise her perfect beauty might overwhelm you and you’ll be forever altered.

Elle Fanning by Daniel Jackson for Teen Vogue, June 2014

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Elle Fanning serves up some 60’s blonde bombshell in the cover story of June’s Teen Vogue. Drawing from such vintage inspiration as Brigitte Bardot, Elle’s long blonde hair and lanky frame work complement the laid back prettiness of the boho chic styling.

Also, here’s a smattering of some of Elle’s recent personal style, also in the same bohemian style. I’m especially in love with the bubble gum pink, satin Vivienne Westwood dress.

Elle Fanning in ASOS Magazine, July 2014

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Elle Fanning is a bright, shining ray of sunshine. Her sweet nature and happy demeanor shine through beautifully in these pictures, and the styling is young and fun and perfect for summer.

EDITED: To add these pictures from the LA premiere of Maleficent tonight, both Elle and Angelina Jolie paying homage to their characters and looking absolutely stunning.

Elle Fanning and Angelina Jolie Editorials

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With the upcoming release of Maleficent, there’s a rush of new editorial images of its stars, Elle Fanning and Angelina Jolie to go along with the so-cute-together-it-hurts promotional tour they did together in Europe last week. Elle Fanning photographs so beautifully, her natural blonde face glowing, and with her tall, slim frame, these high end designer clothes look perfect on her. The Angelina Jolie images are exquisite, highlighting her iconic face and steady, knowing gaze.

Elle Fanning by Williams + Hirakawa for FASHION Magazine, June 2014

Elle Fanning on the cover of Teen Vogue and by Mark Abrahams for V Magazine

Angelina Jolie by Jason Bell