Helena Christensen by Fred Meylan for Madame Figaro

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Helena Christensen is a work of art! Here’s to 25 years of watching her, transfixed, as she frolics about in the sand and ocean!

Kristen Stewart by Vincent Peters for Madame Figaro, April 2015

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I am so glad that stylists are finally realizing that KStew is not a high femme and are finally allowing her to wear her own soft butch look. She’s infinitely more comfortable in front of the camera now when she can wear some menswear or her own jewelry. I’m also really happy to see the French embracing her since her being winning the Casaer, the first American actress to win the French version of the Oscar in history. KStew’s acting is improving, and her doing films like Still Alice with Julianne Moore and Clouds of Sils Maria with Juliette Binoche are proof of that.

Barbara Palvin By Nico For Madame Figaro

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Barbara Palvin is at her transformative best in this new editorial in the October 31st, 2014 issue of the French magazine Madame Figaro.  She is able to pull off smoky eyed sensual to bare faced basic and everything in between.  Her’s to seeing her at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show next month!

EXCLUSIVE: Lana Del Rey for Madame Figaro by James White, June 27th 2014

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Lana Del Rey is delivering an overwhelming amount of beautiful shoots lately while promoting her current album “Ultraviolence”. The album is stunning – well crafted, beautifully produced, cohesive, and emotional without being overwrought (even with a song titled ‘Pretty When You Cry’). Lana’s look is still sad princess, but it’s more refined, with references to 1970s bohemian chic.

This shoot, photographed by one of our favourite photographers James White, gorgeously celebrates Lana’s melancholy doll baby face, wistful eyes fringed by thick liner and lashes, in a romantic, summery story featuring LDR in floral wreaths and fringed shawls clutched by her beautiful crimson nails. Such a perfect look – Boho Glam. As always – James’s connection with his models show in each shot as they either stare directly at him through his lens, or act a role that he effortlessly captures. Absolutely stunning.

Thanks to Mister White for providing Les Beehive with wonderful outtakes from the shoot. Every photo of Lana is a gift! James also regularly posts previews, outtakes, and flashbacks of his work on his Instagram.

Kirsten Dunst by James White for Madame Figaro, May 30th, 2014

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It’s been interesting watching Kirsten Dunst transition from a cherubic child actor with a halo of blonde ringlets to the California ideal of a teenage girl and now into a actress in her thirties.  Keeping in theme with her embodiment of blonde archetypes, Kirsten is beautifully enacting the heavily fringed, dreamy-eyed mod-meets-rock look that Marianne Faithful and Joni Mitchell made popular.  This gorgeous new editorial of her beautifully lensed by one of our favorite photographers, James White, has all the gauzy sensuality of an afternoon in Laurel Canyon in the mid-60’s, a bohemian blonde wandering amoungst the trees.