Kristen Stewart by Vincent Peters for Madame Figaro, April 2015

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I am so glad that stylists are finally realizing that KStew is not a high femme and are finally allowing her to wear her own soft butch look. She’s infinitely more comfortable in front of the camera now when she can wear some menswear or her own jewelry. I’m also really happy to see the French embracing her since her being winning the Casaer, the first American actress to win the French version of the Oscar in history. KStew’s acting is improving, and her doing films like Still Alice with Julianne Moore and Clouds of Sils Maria with Juliette Binoche are proof of that.

Katharine Hepburn & Ginger Rogers in Stage Door

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Stage Door is a film from 1937 starring Ginger Rogers and Katharine Hepburn as aspiring actresses rooming together in a boarding house. Based on a stage play of the same title from 1936, the film also stars a 14 year old Ann Miller and Lucille Ball in one of her earliest roles. The story is about boarding house girls gathering to trade career and relationship support and quips while lounging together in a commons area dressed in either gorgeous pajamas or gorgeous gowns. One girl keeps a cat lying on her lap or across her shoulders at all times! She has my life!

Katharine Hepburn is the rich newcomer who has decided to have a real experience by sharing a room in a boarding house. Ginger Rogers is her poor, savvy, no nonsense roommate who detests Hepburn’s upper class ways. I don’t think the creator of the play or the film meant for this to happen, but what results when Rogers & Hepburn start to bicker and tease is a palpable sexual tension between the two actresses that you can CUT WITH A KNIFE! It’s just scene-after-scene of me shouting KISS HER! at the screen. Just looking at the promos sends me. Look at the eyes they’re making at each other! Oh, they are falling in love in spite of themselves! They cannot resist each other’s charm! I can’t either! KISS HER!

The amazing documentary The Celluloid Closet discusses gay subtext in film. There are so few films made with non-tragic gay lead characters, or non-stereotypical gay characters, that queer viewers must find the subtext between film characters. We find the characteristics that we relate, expand on relationships that the film only gives us a taste of, and discover through their behaviour how they’re like us. Stage Door is an easy film for us to fit ourselves inside. Rogers and Hepburn play their characters with a vague distaste in men and an intense interest in each other. They give us enough so that a gay audience is able to believe that maybe they are falling for each other, maybe their animosity will soften into something other than platonic friendship, maybe they do want to push their beds together and make each other moan. This is what we seek, and when we find it, we hold on tight!

Samira Wiley, Ellen Page and More in OUT Magazine’s OUT100

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OUT Magazine released its list of the 100 most influential people in the LGBTQ community today and so many of our favorite people made the lists.  Ellen Page, Samira Wiley, Zachary Quinto, John Cameron Mitchell and Neil Patrick Harris, Billy Eichner, Carmen Carrera, Evan Rachel Wood and Angel Haze have all been a part of pivotal moments for  LGBTQ visibility, representation and rights in the last year,  by not only being themselves but being proud of who they are.  You can see the whole list here, read about cover girls Ellen Page here and Samira Wiley here.


NYFW Spring 2015 – Queens and Roadkill on the Runway

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As we thankfully come to the end of another pastel, bejeweled, flowly, girlish New York Fashion Week, the gays are finally allowed to come in and fix all this gender normative bullcrap and bring in some much needed levity. These three labels are full of unexpected inspirations, pulling from everything as diverse as Shrek, Catholicism, and the gay rights movement into an array of pieces that vary from the sublime to the ridiculous. True trend makers know that you can’t be stylistically supreme without taking risks.

Betsey Johnson Spring 2015
Who knew that at age 71, Betsey Johnson, the NYC punk princess, would be making a name for herself in the bridal industry – her 50’s influenced shoe designs have become big sellers for brides to be. Of course, the place that she took this new market was into a fun, inspiring collection that celebrated the slow trumpih of gay marriage rights in the US. Sending models that land everywhere on the gender and sexuality spectrums, she showed gay marriage the way it should be seen – as a fun, love-filled subversion of the innately campy traditions involved in a wedding. These models included housewives, drag queens and transgender top models such as William Belli, Camille Grammer, Kristen Taekman, Isis King, Cynthia Bailey and Sharon Needles. Amoungst the candy coloured tulle and big jewelry (including necklaces that spelled out the show’s theme “PRENUP” and big faux diamonds and wedding bells on rings) were some beautiful, wearable pieces, both butch and femme. Betsey Johnson has proved that she is still relevant and in touch with what’s happening in the younger markets today during a season where her peers were showing that they’ve lost sight of innovation and change.


The Blonds Spring 2015
The front row of any Blonds show is as much a fashion parade as the catwalk itself. Looking like a throwback to the era of the club kids, the coolest, weirdest, most amazing freaks, weirdos and cartoons-made-real like Amanda Lepore and Carmen Electra showed up to see the label that’s made itself known for its gloriously over the top corsets. Mixing I Dream of Jeannie with cholas produced some looks that may be too tacky as a whole, but when you look closely at the details you see that this is a collection that brings fantasies to life. A dripping candle corset is something that I never knew I wanted until I saw it realized and now I am obsessed with it.


Jeremy Scott Spring 2015
This is a designer who has sparks of innovation but has, after a few seasons, settled into what people are expecting from him and producing variations on the same theme – kids culture made into couture. Where before he’s done Bart Simpson, now he does Shrek. Where before he made big graphic tops mixed with crazy print bottoms, he does again here. Though I think the biggest insult to fashion watchers over the age of 25 is the fact that craft store pompoms and raver candy necklaces where “made” by Miley Cyrus, looking like something made in a prison art therapy class. I’m not going to go into my rant about how V Magazine gave Miley Cyrus an art exhibit for this chicanery, because I don’t have the energy but anyways, have fun finding a way to popularize and monetize your work, art school kids! Anyways, all that being said, that Jack-o-Latern sweater is fucking awesome and I want it.


Ellen Page by Olivia Malone for Hollywood Reporter May 2014

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If all this press coverage of Ellen Page and her recent decision to come out is the only thing good that comes from the new X Men movie, it would be enough. Being able to witness her transformation as a public figure, from being guarded and closed off to being so much more comfortable and herself, it’s all the proof you need that coming out is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Also, I am really really enjoying all these pictures of her in Hedi Slimane designed Saint Laurent suits. Also, if you haven’t already, check out her interview with Ellen Degeneres about coming out.