John Lennon & Yoko Ono by Allan Tannenbaum, November 1980

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I’ve always been so madly in love with the photos Allan Tannenbaum took of John Lennon & Yoko Ono in 1980. He followed them as they strolled through Central Park on November 21st 1980, perfectly capturing their ease with each other and the camera; such lovely candid shots of John & Yoko cuddling in the early winter sun while making each other giggle. On November 26th, Tannenbaum photographed John & Yoko in their studio as promotion for their “Just Like Starting Over” video, and here their pure physical love is captured forever as they pose side-by-side in kimonos, lounge naked in bed together, John’s weight full atop Yoko, and gaze together into the camera lens, two parts of a beautiful whole.

Allan Tannenbaum released a book featuring images and memories from the sessions titled “John and Yoko: A New York Love Story”. It’s a beautiful book and a wonderful look at one of my favourite love stories.

Central Park, November 21st 1980

“Just Like Starting Over” Video Shoot, November 26th 1980

Photographer Annie Leibovitz

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American photographer Annie Leibovitz has been a prolific artist since the 1970s, where she first came into public consciousness with her iconic photography for Rolling Stone magazine.  Her use of bold colours and unposed subjects have made her one of our generation’s best portrait photographers – best exampled by her most famous photo, that of John Lennon and Yoko Ono taken just days before his death.  She has photographed everyone from the Queen of England to victims of domestic abuse to Hillary Clinton to countless actors, artists, musicians and political figures.  These are a selection of some of my favorites of her photographs.

John Lennon’s 74th Birthday

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Today would have been John Lennon’s 74th birthday – his son Sean was also born on this day, and turns 39 today. Next year Sean will be the age his father was when he died. This is something that makes you realize a few things – first of all that this was a father and a husband who died, but also reminds all of us how long it’s been and how strong John Lennon’s influence has been over us all. I’ve always felt a connection to him because of having the same birthday and he will always be one of my personal heroes. Here are some of my favorite pictures of him.

John Lennon & Yoko Ono by Allan Tannenbaum, November 1980

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