Recent Lana Del Rey Editorials

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Weird that I haven’t shared any of these photos considering I light a candle to each of them every day. Lana’s most recent album Honeymoon has been playing on an infinite loop on my music machine, as well as in my brain, heart, and loinspace since September. It’s smooth mellow retro sex gold and while it doesn’t quite move me the way Ultraviolence did and still does, it’s a solid album that proves Lana is a force.

Let’s take a peek of some of Lana’s most stunning recent editorials. She’s a vision in Jork Weismann’s photos for the Interview Germany (which is a really fantastic publication), a throwback darling in a Billboard shoot by Joe Pugliese, a glam doll in the cover shoot by Liz Collins for the November issue of Vogue Turkey, and an ingénue in a set of collectors covers for the Fall/Winter issue of Nylon Español. My favourite shoot though is the odd macabre grieving Priscilla Presley at a Sex Club shoot by Steven Klein for V Magazine. I cannot stop staring at it. She’s the poutiest princesstress. I love her so much you guys. Time to go weep all over my altar and stain my satin with various holy and massage oils!

Lana Del Rey by Jork Weismann for Interview Germany, October 2015

Lana Del Rey by Joe Pugliese for Billboard, October 31st 2015

Lana Del Rey by Liz Collins for Vogue Turkey, November 2015

Lana Del Rey by Esteban Calderón for Nylon Español, Fall/Winter 2015

Lana Del Rey by Steven Klein for V Magazine #97, Fall 2015

Adèle Exarchopoulos by Driu & Tiago for Interview Germany, September 2015

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The Interview Germany is amazing you guys! Put it on your radar! I was first drawn to this issue because of the magnificent cover editorial of Adèle Exarchopoulos by Driu & Tiago that celebrates Adèle’s enchanting mouth and impossibly sad eyes. Then I noticed the amazing moody, Grey Gardens inspired shoot of Agnes Nieske by Daniel King. Man, I love a good Grey Gardens inspired anything. It is the film that guides me in all my biggest life decisions. I also remembered I had a shoot saved from the July/August issue by the incomparable (yes, he deserves that descriptive!) Michel Comte of Ayako Yoshida. Each issue features weird, challenging, wonderful art shoots, plus really fantastic and inspiring fashion stories. It’s great! I love the thrill of discovering a new publication to give my obsession.

Adèle Exarchopoulos by Driu & Tiago for Interview Germany, September 2015

Agnes Nieske by Daniel King for Interview Germany, September 2015

Ayako Yoshida by Michel Comte for Interview Germany, July/August 2015

Macabre Editorial by Giampaolo Sgura for Interview Germany, October 2014

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The German Interview magazine has this beautiful, spooky, dark editorial of Amanda Wellsh just in time for Halloween.  Looking like a pale witch, she dances through the pictures, sporting Alexander McQueen’s big gothy boots from last season and some of the best black pieces from Chanel, Saint Laurent and Thom Browne.

New Editorials of Chloe Moretz and Kristen Stewart

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Both Chloe Moretz and Kristen Stewart are younger actors transitioning into more mature levels of their careers.  Chloe Moretz is moving from stand out performances in Let Me In and Hugo into older adolensent parts, like her upcoming film If I Stay, while Kristen Stewart is making the even more difficult switch from franchise superstar to indie queen, including her next new film Camp X-Ray .  These two very different but both very talented ladies have gorgeous new photo spreads done while promoting these new films.  Chloe plays up her retro blonde prettiness, while KStew is all about edgy glam.

Chloe Moretz by Carter Smith for Allure, September 2014

Kristen Stewart by Sebastian Kim for Vanity Fair France, September 2014

Kristen Stewart and Juliette Binoche by Driu + Thiago for Interview Germany, September 2014