Recent Game of Thrones Actress Editorials

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Alright nerds, hold on to your everything because I have a whole lotta GoT/other nerd crossover star photos to throw at you! We’re being blessed with so much Gwendoline Christie right now thanks to the upcoming Star Wars movie, we’ve got a little Emilia Clarke our mother of dragons/John Connor, and hey, why not our favourite Wildling/aspiring secretary maid Rose Leslie (Yes Downton Abbey is a nerd show! I watched every episode even though it got REALLY bad, it sparks devotion! It features costumes and high drama and controversial character deaths. NERRRRRD!)

All of these pictures are beautiful, but lets be real and admit it: THE GWENDOLINE PICTURES ARE BLOWING OUR MINDS! AREN’T THEY? THEY ARE! God, she’s perfect.

Gwendoline Christie by Steve Neaves for Empire, January 2016

Gwendoline Christie by Matt Holyoak for Interview, December 2015

Gwendoline Christie & Giles Deacon by John Akehurst for Vanity Fair, December 2015

Gwendoline Christie by Sølve Sundsbø for V Magazine, Winter 2015

Emilia Clarke by Lachlan Bailey for Dior Magazine, 2015

Rose Leslie by Luke & Nik for InStyle, January 2016

Gwendoline Christie by Liz Collins for The Sunday Times Style, September 13th 2015

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Here are a few pictures of a god damned superhero! Ser Gwendoline! Look at this woman! Take your time! Because there’s a whole lot to drink in! She is strength and elegance and charm and her toes point so prettily that I just manifested a fainting couch to swoon onto.

New Editorials of Gwendoline Christie And More Game of Thrones Peeps

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With Game of Thrones working on its fifth season, we don’t get to see as much of the cast, but recently some new, fabulous pictures have popped up of fan favorites Gwendoline Christie (aka Brienne of Tarth), Pedro Pascal (aka The Red Viper) and Nathalie Emmanuel (aka Missandei).

Gwendoline Christie by Emma Tempest for The Edit Magazine, November 2014

Nathalie Emmanuel and Pedro Pascal by Rankin for Hunger TV, November 2014


Gwendoline Christie & Patricia Van Der Vliet for Bazaar UK, December 2014

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Two more gorgeous editorials accompany the gossamer dream Carey Mulligan cover story from the December issue of Bazaar UK. Trent McGinn photographs a woefully small, but heartbreakingly beautiful shoot of Game of Thrones’ Gwendoline Christie. Such a goddess. She’s twirling in a velvet cape for chrissake! Mythical creature! Why aren’t there two dozen photos of this magick? Victor Demarchelier pairs with Patricia Van Der Vliet in a dreamy shoot that has inspired me to wear satin ribbon around my wrists for the holiday season. Time to think of your winter fashion inspiration everyone!

Gwendoline Christie by Trent McGinn

Patricia Van Der Vliet by Victor Demarchelier