Recent Anne Hathaway Editorials

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Is there any treat more scrumptious than a good Anne Hathaway editorial? Annie wandered out of the spotlight a couple years ago after the entire world, as a collective, decided they were tired of sincerity as far as the eye could see. Bunch of cynical jerks! She’s slowly returning to the public eye, and these lovely photo shoots are a delightful reminder that she’s a force, and of the length of her hair. Cool! Anne thrills in a sumptuous black and white shoot for InStyle by Michelangelo Di Battista. This is the cover. WHY, INSTYLE? It’s like a joke. Their covers are almost 100% terrible, while their cover shoots inside are almost 100% gorgeous. It’s so confounding. I guess they’re really married to that instantly recognizable InStyle look, but it looks like crap! I don’t think I’ve ever even bought an InStyle because I don’t want that cover mingling with my beautiful Vogue and Vanity Fair and Love covers. No! Get your shit together InStyle! Refinery 29 features a Guy Aroch shoot with Annie, and it’s great! Fun and frisky couture! The layout of the editorial on the site was crap though. STOP USING GIFS AS ONE OF THE IMAGES, MAGAZINE WEBSITES! Just cool it and display your photos in a clean, classic, easy to load way. GIFs are for capturing hilarious moments from television, not making your website look like an Interactive Magazine From the FuTuRe. I’m being really negative. I’ll say only good things about Jem Mitchell’s photos of Anne for the October issue of Glamour UK – clean, fresh, love the dreamy creamy pink filter. Just gorgeous. Proud of you Jem! And, as always, I’m eternally proud of you, Annie! And I, for one, never wanted you to go away. Stay with us forever! It’s ok to like things and giggle a lot!

Anne Hathaway by Michelangelo Di Battista for InStyle US, September 2015

Anne Hathaway by Guy Aroch for Refinery 29, 2015

Anne Hathaway by Jem Mitchell for Glamour UK, October 2015

OBJECTIFY MEN: Nicholas Hoult by Guy Aroch for Vs., Fall/Winter 2015

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What am I even supposed to do with this? Am I supposed to just continue walking around, living my life, interacting with other humans, eating hummus, petting cats, listening to Lana Del Rey, just existing, while beauty like this is out there, walking around also petting cats & listening to Lana, I imagine? No! I cannot! I must take periodic breaks, lie perfectly still, and offer thanks to whatever divine manifestation of God created this perfect creature, because it certainly wasn’t the same collection of random events that created me. No. This is a face with purpose. This is true beauty. That stupid gorgeous face has MEANING.

Also I like to imagine Tom Ford’s reaction to these photos. Like maybe he was having dinner at Lagerfeld’s, scrolling through Tumblr over dinner and just straight up dropped Choupette (who likes to coil around Tom’s shoulders when they sup together), knocked over all the goblets on the table, removed all his clothing, curled up in a ball and wept. Which is what I’m off to do now.

Vs. Magazine Spring/Summer 2015

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The Spring/Summer issue of Vs Magazine is a triumph! Featuring 6 similar covers of 6 actress/models by 6 separate photographers, and then 6 very different styled editorials of the ladies inside, each shoot is moody and distinct. I personally most adore the femme fatale shoot of Elizabeth Olsen by Hunter and Gatti, the playful photos Abbey Lee by Ellen von Unwerth, and the darkly sensual story by Jonas Bresnan of Zoe Kravitz.

Elizabeth Olsen by Hunter and Gatti

Abbey Lee Kershaw by Ellen von Unwerth

Zoe Kravitz by Jonas Bresnan

Dakota Fanning by Vincent Peters

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley by Guy Aroch

Frida Pinto by Bruno Dayan

Barbara Palvin by Guy Aroch for Malibu, November 2014

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Love the retro vibe in this shoot for Malibu magazine. Barbara’s doe eyes and effortless sensuality blends so beautifully with Aroch’s muted, softly focused lens.

Liv Tyler by Guy Aroch for Violet Grey

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This shoot is beautifully styled and gorgeously styled, but any new picture of Liv Tyler makes me want to look at some of my old favorites of her. She is aging as beautifully as you would expect an elf princess to age. Her pouty baby face is so iconic, but her older face is just as sweet and open.

By Ellen von Unwerth in 1995