Penny Dreadful Season 2 Posters

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Penny Dreadful was one of my favourite new series last year (alongside Fargo and True Detective). It’s spooky, stylish, and really well acted. It’s one of those shows that could survive full on its camp (The Walking Dead, American Horror Story), but it elevates itself beyond Horror Soap Opera, and it’s terribly thrilling. Of course Eva Green is a wonder, but surprise performances by Timothy Dalton and Josh Hartnett, plus outstanding actors playing characters from literary history like Frankenstein, his monster, and Dorian Gray, make the series smart, beautiful, and masterfully macabre.

It’s also worth noting to anyone who hasn’t seen the show yet, that there is a moment in an episode where I shouted, “KISS HIM!” AND IT WORKED! WORTH WATCHING FOR THAT SCENE ALONE! My only disappointment is that it airs in the summer, and not in the fall when the weather matches the mood. But all the more reason to watch it all over again after the finale!

Season two of Penny Dreadful premieres Sunday, May 3rd on Showtime.

Classic Horror Films for Halloween Weekend

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In terms of must-watch movies for Halloween, iconic retro horror films like Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Nightmare on Elm Street, Carrie, The Exorcist, Dracula, Frankenstein, Psycho, all of these (plus more) are a must. It doesn’t matter if it’s the first time you’re watching or the hundredth time, they are a necessary ingredient in putting you in a spooky mood.

Penny Dreadful

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Now that summer is here and you’re looking for some new shows to binge watch, might I suggest our current obsession show Penny Dreadful?  The recently completed 8 episode season is a definition of gothic horror, utterly devoid of camp.  The writing, acting, and aesethetic of the show is beyond anything you’ve seen on television before.  Each episode is its own vintage horror film, scary and sexy and edge-of-your-seat excitement.  Also it’s full of so many delightful things, like actually scary vampires, multiple inter-cast shipping opprotunities, one of the most important moments in KISS HIM! history ever, oh and did I mention Eva Green?  We’ve been fans of this willowy, dark French queen for years now, and on Penny Dreadful, through the amazing character she plays, she’s able to fully demonstrate just how amazing of an actress she is.  So, take eight hours out of your life and be deliciously scared/aroused/delighted, why dontcha?