Beyoncé by Robin Harper for Flaunt, 2015

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One of my favourite things about Beyoncé is that she started out great, but continues to evolve. Her work ethic is rivalled only by the creator of the Universe, who, according to some, took 6-7 days to do so, whereas Beyoncé can make 8-10 videos in 6-7 days, so fuck you God! Also, I feel like God really peaked at the whole creation of mammals/solar system/earth/wind/fire thing, whereas Beyoncé just keeps getting better. And while it’s true that B-Day may always be my favourite Beyoncé album, I still recognize Beyoncé as an even better artist than she was back in 2006 when I converted to Beyptist, and 2003, when she strutted off the screen and into our hearts in the Crazy In Love video, which I feel was the inception of Beyoncé’s power. What I’m trying to say is, Beyoncé is pretty great. As a model, she has improved vastly – years ago she pageanted in front of the camera, but now she IS the reflection of the photographer’s eye. She stares directly into the lens & makes sweet scrumptious love to it, and then we get to LOOK AT IT! We don’t get to look at God, therefore God < Beyoncé.


Recent Abbey Lee Kershaw Editorials

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We’ll be seeing Abbey Lee this May in Mad Max: Fury Road alongside fellow beauties Zoe Kravitz, Riley Keough, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Charlize Theron, Nicholas Hoult and, of course, the fairest of them all, Tom Hardy. All its stars are making the rounds in various publications, shocking us all with their beauty, and Abbey Lee elegantly haunts us in these two perfectly spooky editorials for the most recent issue of Flaunt and the March issue of Interview. The Interview editorial is titled Grey Gardens, and I’m on board with anything that makes me ponder the perfect costume for day.

Abbey Lee Kershaw by Maurizio Bavutti for Flaunt

Abbey Lee Kershaw by Fabien Baron for Interview, March 2015

New Editorials for September

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Natalia Vodianova by Mario Testino for Vanity Fair, September 2014
A model on the cover of a magazine?! And on the cover of Vanity Fair?! What is this, the 90s? This means that Vanity Fair has blatantly outshone Vogue, who has fading nobody Blake Lively on their cover. Oh Vogue Magazine, you continue to fail more and more every month, even without doing anything. Natalia Vodinova has been a favorite of ours since she entered the fashion world over 10 years ago. Her innocent yet knowing gaze penetrates the lens as if she’s looking directly at you.

Dita Von Teese by Davis Factor for FLAUNT #135
Dita never disappoints – her look in consistent yet always evolving, and she responds to the camera beautifully. Also there’s a picture of her in a projection of The Dark Knight Rises which creates an interesting dilemma for me – what would I look at, Dita or my favorite Batman movie?

January Jones by Vincent Peters for Vogue Italia, August 2014
Only two of these, but they are both stunning. Never forget what a beautiful blonde queen that January Jones is.

New Kirsten Dunst Editorials

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I’m really enjoying how Kirsten Dunst is going from curly headed vampire to dreamy eyed teenage queen to this newest verison, very mod Patti Boyd type. These new pictures by Jason Hetherington for Flaunt are lush, and full of wistful emotion. The Matt Jones one play up her amazing personal style and the James White ones (which go with this editoral posted here) are pure Bardot bombshell.

By Jason Hetherington for Flaunt July/August 2014

By Matt Jones for Marie Claire France August 2014

By James White

Hailey Clauson for Flaunt by Yu Tsai, July 2014

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Hailey Clauson owns this lush editorial shot by Yu Tsai for the July issue of Flaunt. She looks like a Kate Upton/Ashley Smith hybrid – all bosomy with a piercing gaze. This is the most grown-up editorial Clauson has shot so far and through Yu Tsai’s soft, sensual lens, it’s a gorgeous story.