Red Light Vintage Etsy Sale!

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Red Light Vintage Etsy Sale! We need to make room for new merchandise so now, through the end of February receive $20.00 off all purchases over $50.00 with the coupon code 20DOLLARSOFF. All first-time purchases receive a 10% off coupon on your next purchase! Go shop, my loves!

Red Light Vintage Bo!

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Hello my loves. I’ve been neglecting my sweet site for a few weeks while navigating a move and a job hunt. I’m settled and employed now though, so hopefully I’ll be back to my beauty-flail shenanigans soon.

The job I scored is for a Seattle vintage and costume store called Red Light Vintage. It’s an amazing store and all local readers should visit it and fall in love if you haven’t already! It’s located at 4650 University Way NE and open Monday-Saturday 11-8 and Sundays 11-7.

I will be running the Etsy and the social media for the store. That means Red Light is going to get the sweet sweet Bo treatment! We have a BONKERS amount of beautiful vintage clothing in store and online. Everyone everywhere can enjoy its outstanding beauty. Everything is in gorgeous condition and priced so low that I feel like I’m having a high-end vintage shopping experience and paying Goodwill prices. Yummy!

Here are some important places to vist for your full Red Light experience:

Red Light Vintage – The site is about to get a lovely overhaul and will feature all the social media input in one gorgeous space. I’ll keep everyone posted as that develops.

Red Light Vintage Instagram – The charming and clever staff of Red Light post photos of new arrivals in the store, as well as pictures of them modelling their more unique items. They’re all a bunch of darlings. I will also be sharing images of our Etsy listings.

Red Light Vintage Etsy Shop – There are so many beautiful items to shop at the online store. Take some time and peruse it. Then buy things. Treat yourself!

On its way:
A revamped Facebook page with an option to buy exclusive items not featured in-store!
An option to model for Red Light Vintage!
A contest to design the logo for Red Light Vintage stickers!
A clearance section on the Etsy shop with select items 50% off!
You bet your sweet ass there’s gonna be a Red Light Vintage Tumblr coming soon!

On a personal note – this is a freaking dream job! It combines all my favourite things: fashion (I bought a dress the day of my first interview. For 15 dollars!), vintage thrift (sometimes I go thrift shopping just to clear my head, it’s the perfect blend of retail therapy and nostalgia bruise poking), costumes (the store turns into a freaking Halloween Headquarters in October! *moves in*), social media (*Tumblr noises*, *Facebook sounds*, *Instagram humps*), and promotion (ALL THE CAPS LOCKS ABOUT ALL THE HAPPY THINGS!). I am tremendously happy to be a part of this team. Also look at how cute I look when I go to work!

Thank you again to everyone who still peeks at the site and keeps in touch. I’m so glad LesBeehive is still thriving despite its hiatus. Now go! Immerse yourself in vintage gorgeousness! Follow the Instagram! Like the Facebook! Buy things on the Etsy Shop! You work hard, you deserve it!

Haute Couture Spring 2015 – Elie Saab, Jean Paul Gaultier, Viktor & Rolf

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Elie Saab Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2015

My intial reaction to this collection was that this was just another parade of beige boring pretty that I’m going to have to see again on the Oscar red carpet.   This is true, these dresses aren’t innovative or exciting, the muted colours inspire very little.  But it’s also true that there is a whole lot of pretty going on here, and I have no objection to pretty.  Plus making Anna Cleveland the bride to close the show plus these actually interesting flower-design prints are signs of encouragement that maybe this is a label that is capable of breaking out of its cliches.


Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture Spring 2015

With a bridal theme, models of all ages, big names like Naomi Campbell, and having Anna Cleveland open the show as a bride (her second turn as one in the same day) gave this collection all ther signature JPG flair that it needed, full of whimsy and ridiculousness as well as some beautiful wearable pieces.


Viktor & Rolf Haute Couture Spring 2015

At the opposite end of the predictable non-innovative pretty that is Elie Saab is Viktor & Rolf’s literal colouring beyond the lines.  With prints that explode of the garments and structural headpieces of wheat that get bigger and more complex as the show climaxes, they define what couture is all about – the unexpected, the different, the pure artistry.