Angelina Jolie Turns 40

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Here’s how much I love Angelina Jolie – while I was going through my 10,000+ picture collection I have on my computer of her selecting my favorites for this post celebrating her 40th birthday today, I almost started crying because I love her so much.  I am not alone in this level of worshipful adoration of the model turned actress turned director, many other women, especially those who came of age in the 90’s, see her as an icon, inspiring us all to live honestly and never be ashamed and to be kind to the world around you even if that world hasn’t been kind to you.  Angelina has been through many different transformations in her life, each one a guide post for young women to show you how to be all things that you want, when you want.

Early to Mid 90’s – Teen Model

Mid to Late 90’s – Bisexual Icon

Late 90’s to Early 00’s – Carnal Tattooed Queen

Early 00’s – Brad Pitt Fucker

Early 00’s to Present – Fertility Goddess / Earth Mother

Late 00’s to Present – Camp Event

Tank Girl (1995)

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If you wanna boil down female style in the mid 90s then this movie is the perfect example. My friends and I were obsessed with how Lori Petty dresses in it – we cut off the tops of men’s socks to wear as arm bands, tied clips and plastic kid’s hair ties in our hair. Eventually, with this movie as my inspiration, I shaved my hair into a mohawk and bleached it blonde. As a film this movie was my first exposure to Naomi Watts and the first time I saw two girls kissing in a movie, two very important milestones in my life.

Lori Petty and Naomi Watts as Tank Girl and Jet Girl photographed by David LaChapelle for The Face, June 1995

Art from the comic

Britney Spears by David LaChapelle for Rolling Stone, April 15th, 1999

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Spears and LaChapelle both say they knew the photo would cause a bit of commotion, but they figured it was worth it. “I said to her, ‘You don’t want to be buttoned up, like Debbie Gibson,’ ” LaChapelle recalls. “I said, ‘Let’s push it further and do this whole Lolita thing.’ She got it. She knew it would get people talking and excited.” Spears proved, even then, that she was going to take charge of crafting her own image. One night while they were shooting, LaChapelle says, Spears’ manager, Larry Rudolph, walked in at 2 a.m. to find her posing in her bra and panties. Rudolph demanded to know what was going on. “Britney said, ‘Yeah, I don’t feel comfortable,’ ” says the photographer. “At first I felt betrayed. But as soon as Larry walked out, Britney said, ‘Lock the door’ and unbuttoned her shirt wide open.”

Britney Spears by David LaChapelle for Rolling Stone, April 15th, 1999

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Tank Girl (1995)

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