LesBeehive Throwback Thursday – Tilda Swinton as David Bowie by Craig McDean for Vogue Italia, February 2003

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It’s a well known fact that Tilda Swinton and David Bowie are Intergalactic Sisters from an Alien Mister, Star Brothers from a Mars Mother, etc. But did you know that in 2003 Tilda Swinton starred in an epically beautiful Bowie inspired photo shoot for Vogue Italia? Craig McDean shot our Alien God in a series of gender skewering, suit and smoking porn shots that reference Bowie’s iconic Life on Mars? & Thin White Duke looks. When David Bowie saw the photos, he said to stylist Edward Enninful, “When did I do this shoot?” (full quote below) CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? ISN’T THAT GLORIOUS? David Bowie thought pictures of Tilda Swinton were him! She Twin Tricked him! Hah! Good goof, Tilda!

I’ve also included one of my favourite series of Tilda photos. I only have them as tiny test shots and I know nothing about them except that they’re glorious and I have the folder they’re in labelled as “Bowie Like”. My brain is fun. So is Tilda! So is Bowie! I LOVE THE GALAXY!

“When David Bowie saw my book, he could not believe it when he saw the [Bowie-inspired 2003 Vogue Italia ] pictures of Tilda. He thought it was him. He was like, ‘When did I do this shoot?’ He was floored. Even he couldn’t believe how much she looked like him.”
Edward Enninful on Tilda Swinton

Tilda Swinton by Glen Luchford for AnOther, Fall/Winter 2015-16

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Tilda’s starring in a new movie called A Bigger Splash as a character named Marianne Lane, which is why that’s the name on the cover of the AnOther. The pictures inside, of Tilda in character, are, as Tilda pictures often are, positively Bowie’esque. Brunette Bowie! The only bummer about this issue is that the snoozefest that is Dakota Johnson also stars in the film, and she got like, three covers? WHO EVEN DOES THAT? What kind of world do we live in where we’re only given one Tilda cover of a magazine, but multiple Dakota Johnson covers? I can’t even remember what that poor girl looks like. I know, because every time I see her at an event or in a magazine I say, “Oh, who’s she?” or “Who’s that plain girl?” or “Is that girl with the brown hair from a tv show we don’t watch?” I have no Dakota Johnson recognition, but sure, give her three covers of an arty fashion magazine and allocate Tilda to just one. It’s fine! I’m fine!

Favorite Movie Posters

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Portrait Photographer Frank W. Ockenfels 3

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Frank W Ockenfels‘s style is instantly recognizable in its vintage film look and intimacy between the subject and the camera. This ability to depict a subject with nothing hidden lends itself perfectly to the character photography that Ockenfels does for dramas like Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead and Mad Men. The portraits of musicians and actors show a glimpse of the heart of the person, and makes you realize that this is an creative force you’re looking at.

My favorite piece of his work are these iconic pictures of Christina Aguilera in her Dirrty days for Blender Magazine in 2002. Glorious.

Portrait Photographer Frank W. Ockenfels 3

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