Vogue Italia, March 2016

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The March issue of Vogue Italia is a triumph! Starting right off the bat with a stunning cover shot by Steven Meisel of Rianne von Rompaey. This cover is a perfect example of why I have pledged my eternal undying love to Vogue Italia as my favourite Vogue publication and Meisel as my favourite cover artist. They are my most beloved marriage (after Bey & Jay of course) and I hope the separation they were going through is over, because this is what my heart desires – ethereal beauty!

And that’s just the beginning my loves, because inside, oh inside! The cover story is a unique selection of ingénue portraits, just what Meisel does best! Photographers featured in this issue are among the most talented of our time and each of their editorials seem to celebrate their own unique style and remind us just why we love them. I’m going to specifically show you a few stories, but there are also spreads by Craig McDean, Mario Sorrenti, Michel Comte, Miles Aldridge, and Sarah Moon, as well as a third by Paolo Roversi and a second by Ellen von Unwerth & Sølve Sundsbø. Truly we are blessed! Now go buy the issue because there is no sweeter feeling than stroking the glossy pages of a truly magnificent fashion magazine!

Without Borders by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia, March 2016

Anna Cleveland by Sølve Sundsbø for Vogue Italia, March 2016

Jessica Stam by Ellen von Unwerth for Vogue Italia Suggestions, March 2016

Mariacarla Boscono by Peter Lindbergh for Vogue Italia Haute Couture Supplement, March 2016

Paolo Roversi Editorials for Vogue Italia, March 2016

LesBeehive Throwback Thursday – Tilda Swinton as David Bowie by Craig McDean for Vogue Italia, February 2003

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It’s a well known fact that Tilda Swinton and David Bowie are Intergalactic Sisters from an Alien Mister, Star Brothers from a Mars Mother, etc. But did you know that in 2003 Tilda Swinton starred in an epically beautiful Bowie inspired photo shoot for Vogue Italia? Craig McDean shot our Alien God in a series of gender skewering, suit and smoking porn shots that reference Bowie’s iconic Life on Mars? & Thin White Duke looks. When David Bowie saw the photos, he said to stylist Edward Enninful, “When did I do this shoot?” (full quote below) CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? ISN’T THAT GLORIOUS? David Bowie thought pictures of Tilda Swinton were him! She Twin Tricked him! Hah! Good goof, Tilda!

I’ve also included one of my favourite series of Tilda photos. I only have them as tiny test shots and I know nothing about them except that they’re glorious and I have the folder they’re in labelled as “Bowie Like”. My brain is fun. So is Tilda! So is Bowie! I LOVE THE GALAXY!

“When David Bowie saw my book, he could not believe it when he saw the [Bowie-inspired 2003 Vogue Italia ] pictures of Tilda. He thought it was him. He was like, ‘When did I do this shoot?’ He was floored. Even he couldn’t believe how much she looked like him.”
Edward Enninful on Tilda Swinton

LesBeehive Throwback Thursday – Coco Rocha by Craig McDean for Vogue US, May 2008

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The 2008 Met Gala theme was “Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy”. I remember loving it, though honestly all I can recall at the moment is Naomi Watts in Thierry Mugler and this fantastic photo shoot for Vogue by Craig McDean featuring wonder poser Coco Rocha dressed as various fashion warriors. Dig Coco as a Nici Ricci clad Poison Ivy and a perfect Catwoman in a Dolce & Gabbana molded corset, Swarovski crystal studded mask, and Christian Louboutin for Rodarte spiked heels that will SLAY ALL. Marvel at Coco as Gaultier’s Little Mermaid, the fiercest Batman in Rick Owens cashmere, and an angelic retro glam Dawnstar in Dior Haute Couture.

Recent Léa Seydoux Editorials

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Endlessly enchanting Léa Seydoux is featured in two delightful photo shoots: A lovely little fashion cover story for Vanity Fair France by Paul Wetherell, a scrumptious cover editorial for the November issue of Vogue UK by Craig McDean, a bombshell shoot by Driu & Tiago for GQ Australia and Vanity Fair Italia, and one just spectacularly gorgeous cuddling Bond Girls shot with Monica Bellucci and Naomie Harris for the November issue of Vanity Fair by Bryan Adams. You can see Léa in the upcoming Bond film Spectre, or the delightful film The Lobster. Or both! Treat yourself! You work hard, you deserve it!

Also let’s peek at a pretty little set of photos of Léa’s Blue is the Warmest Colour co-star Adèle Exarchopoulos in the Fall issue of i-D by Angelo Pennetta.

Léa Seydoux by Paul Wetherell for Vanity Fair France, September 2015

Léa Seydoux by Craig McDean for Vogue UK, November 2015

Léa Seydoux by Driu & Tiago for GQ Australia & Vanity Fair Italia, October 2015

Monica Bellucci, Léa Seydoux, Naomie Harris by Bryan Adams for Vanity Fair, November 2015

Adèle Exarchopoulos by Angelo Pennetta for i-D, Fall 2015

Vogue UK, September 2015

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The September issue of Vogue UK is almost magnificent. It just slightly misses the mark. The cover story featuring the always stunning Emma Watson is just a little skewered in its styling (the hair?). A story by Alasdair McLellan featuring Anna Ewers is fantastic – it looks like a Robert Palmer Video Girl in an editorial (I’m thirty seven!). Paolo Roversi features twelve models in a classic Roversi portrait shoot, and I think it’s my favourite story of the issue, each girl brings her own fresh unique style to his very recognizable style. Rianne Van Rompaey stars in a spooky ethereal Craig McDean shoot that made me realize I miss McDean, I haven’t seen much of his work that has stood out lately, and he used to be one of my top five favourite fashion photographers. So yes, nothing eternal, but definitely some memorable shots by some of the best photographers, three of whom – McLellan, Roversi, and McDean, are spectacularly talented at capturing an autumnal mood. Bring on the fall, fuck you summer!

Emma Watson by John Olins for Vogue UK, September 2015

Anna Ewers by Alasdair McLellan for Vogue UK, September 2015

Paolo Roversi for Vogue UK, September 2015

Rianne Van Rompaey by Craig McDean for Vogue UK, September 2015