Lily Aldridge by David Bellemere for Lui, March 2016

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Apparently I only return to my loves to let y’all know how I’m doing/share smut. TODAY IS SMUT DAY!

David Bellemere photographed the charming Lily Aldridge for the cover story of Lui’s March issue. It’s a beautiful editorial: just legs and an Angelina Jolie’esque profile. But the 80s inspired Chucks & lace panties story by Bellemere with Lorelle Rayner owns my heart! It’s such summer perfection, such perfect teasing raunch. And Lorelle is a curly haired brunette vixen!

The issue also features a lovely naughty hotel shoot with Fabienne by Olivier Zahm. My favourite favourite story from the issue is shot by Cédric Buchet and features Nadja Bender and Clement Chabernaud causing disco trouble and ensnaring men in their sex web with just long hair and long legs and stockings! Which is exactly how I ensnare men in my sex web.

Also – hi everyone! I’m doing great! I’m living in Seattle with my cat, wearing great outfits and humping great people. I sell beautiful vintage clothing at Red Light Vintage. Go shop! Or better yet! Contact me ( and we’ll shop together!

Lily Aldridge by David Bellemere for Lui, March 2016

Lorelle Rayner by David Bellemere for Lui, March 2016

Fabienne by Olivier Zahm for Lui, March 2016

Nadja Bender & Clement Chabernaud by Cédric Buchet for Lui, March 2016

Recent Kirsten Dunst Editorials

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Kirsten Dunst has been bewitching me for 20 years now, and I’m so excited to see her in the second season of Fargo, which returns to FX October 12th. It’s important to me that everyone watch Fargo. It’s a flawless show packed with outstanding performances. I compared it last year to True Detective a lot, not because they’re similar in theme or style, but because they both feature an elite cast with a unique concept. Everyone was talking about True Detective, which was great, but Fargo was SO MUCH BETTER, and it was talked about so much less. It’s such a fresh, strange, stylish show. It’s enthralling. Now that we’ve made it through the second season of True Detective and have our own opinions about whether it lived up to the hype, we can calmly snuggle in and watch Fargo and trust that it’s going to be fucking fantastic. The second season is a prequel, focusing on the character of Lou Solverson, played by overwhelming dreamboat Patrick Wilson. The season also stars Dunst (who already perfected the folksy charm of a Minnesotan in the hilarious movie Drop Dead Gorgeous), Ted Danson, Jean Smart, Kieran Culkin, and Jesse Plemons (Todd/Meth Damon from Breaking Bad). Nick Offerman is also featured in a reoccuring role. Nick Offerman IS the Midwest! Juicy stuff, you guys! Watch it!

And look at these gorgeous, dreamy images of Dunst! Such an effortlessly talented model, you betcha.

Kirstin Dunst by René & Radka for Gotham, September 2015

Kirsten Dunst by Cedric Buchet for Town and Country, September 2015

Lui, July/August 2015

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Oh Lui, you’re always there for me. This month’s issue is a filthy celebration of summer, with editorials by masterful photographers Mark Segal and Cédric Buchet shooting the stunning Marie de Villepin and impossibly leggy Elsa Hosk.

Marie de Villepin by Mark Segal for Lui, July/August 2015

Elsa Hosk by Cédric Buchet for Lui, July/August 2015

Natasha Poly by Luigi + Iango for Lui, March 2015

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By now y’all know about my love affair with the Lui. The March cover and editorial featuring Natasha Poly continues in grand tradition with a stunning raw fetishy shoot by Luigi + Iango. “There’s a scorpion on her vagina!” Su exclaimed when I showed her the shoot. There sure is, my love, there sure is!

Also featured in the issue is a lovely frolicking fairy shoot by Cédric Buchet. Not super into a dude mucking up a couple of the shots, but it’s still stunning.

Natasha Poly by Luigi + Iango

Amour Libre by Cédric Buchet

Josh Hartnett by Cedric Buchet for GQ Style Germany, Fall 2014

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I’m so into Josh Hartnett right now. When we saw that he was one of the stars of the phenomenal Showtime series Penny Dreadful we were pretty ambivalent to the casting, even though we loved him as mega-babe Trip Fontaine in The Virgin Suicides. He’s magnificent though! He has this great classic Hollywood beauty mixed with modern sexual charisma, very reminiscent of a bulkier, less sinewy 1999 Brad Pitt. He looks like Clark Gable’s long lost grandchild. He’s gorgeous! And a really compelling actor. And just spectacular at kissing fellas! Hooray for Josh Harnett! Now go grab a Sharpie and write his name on your panties!