Angelina Jolie by Peter Lindbergh for WSJ Magazine, November 2015

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I’m really proud of us for all syncing up our spells in such a way that Angelina Jolie is going to deliver unto us the most beautiful magick this month in By the Sea, the epic story of Mr and Mrs Smith-Jolie-Pitt being talented and tortured and just breathtaking. How are they so beautiful? How did they find each other? Why are we complaining about any of our stupid problems when we get to look at them? Let’s look at Mrs Smith-Jolie-Pitt right now! Here Angie’s (we’re close, we use nicknames) razor-blade cheekbones, wide soulful eyes and impossibly long limbs are perfectly on display in a stunning black and white shoot by Peter Lindbergh. I look at these photos and I am replete. I need for nothing else.

Recent Léa Seydoux Editorials

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Gosh but I love Bond Women. I do not care about the new James Bond movie. I do not care for Daniel Craig. I do not feel shame that I really only love the Pierce Bronson Bond movies. I feel a bit of shame that I don’t harshly critique Pierce’s singing voice in Mamma Mia. It’s bad! But it’s also BEAUTIFUL, for Pierce is beautiful. If I don’t stop myself I will segue this paragraph into a talk about Timothy Dalton and how I didn’t much care for him as Bond, but now he’s in his 70s and I want him inside me. Oh no, it’s happening! Have you guys seen the way he holds tiny Eva Green on Penny Dreadful and tells her everything is going to be ok? HAVE YOU? Have you seen his sexy badger beard? Do you drift off into a dreamy dreamland where it’s 1991 and he and Pierce are kissing? DO YOU? What?

Here are some gorgeous pictures of Léa Seydoux. I realized while I was looking at them that I like every picture of Léa Seydoux. She’s perfectly emotive, so sexy, and she wears clothes so beautifully. Léa is also in the Colin Farrell movie The Lobster this Holiday AWard Season. Maybe go see that instead of Spectre. Maybe watch Penny Dreadful. Maybe we should all just stop what we’re doing and watch Mamma Mia real quick. But first – look at these pictures.

Léa Seydoux by Emma Tempest for The Edit, November 5th 2015

Léa Seydoux by Thomas Nutzl for Grazia France, November 2015

Léa Seydoux by Mote Sinabel Aoki for Elle Japan, December 2015

Léa Seydoux by Eric Guillemain for GQ Italia, November 2015

Bazaar UK, October 2015

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Two perfectly autumnal spreads from the October issue of Bazaar UK remind us that it’s not winter yet, even though it’s really starting to feel like it, isn’t it? And even though I listened to Hard Candy Christmas today. And even though I saw a clerk at the grocery store switching out the Halloween candy bins for candy canes on HALLOWEEN DAY. IT’S STILL FALL! FALL 4EVA BITCHES! Audrey Marnay, who might be my favourite current redhead model, stars in a romantic shoot where she looks like a renaissance painting subject in every shot by Erik Madigan Heck. Elisabeth Erm is an elegant boho vision in a shoot by the ever so talented Regan Cameron.

Audrey Marnay by Erik Madigan Heck for Bazaar UK, October 2015

Elisabeth Erm by Regan Cameron for Bazaar UK, October 2015

Karmen Pedaru by Horst Diekgerdes for Muse, Spring 2015

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In an attempt to get my *whispers* SHIT together, over the next few weeks I’ll be peppering in, alongside new and exciting photos, lovely posts that I put together, but didn’t actually share, because I’m a disaster. I have so many better examples of what exactly makes me a disaster, but this one is good enough. So here everyone! Look at these lush photos of Karmen Pedaru by Lush Master Horst Diekgerdes for the Spring issue of Muse. If you’re not too busy, why not spend some time with THIS, one of my favourite editorials of all time, featuring Karmen along with Mariacarla Boscono (more on her later as I end 2015 with a BANG) and Candice Huffine, who is actual perfection. Sometimes when I want my crops to be plentiful, I pray to her thighs, and BOOM! The pantry is full of ears of corn and bushels of apples.

Rooney Mara by Peter Lindbergh for Interview, November 2015

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Rooney Mara is the cover star of the November issue of Interview Magazine, and while I’d rather just look at pictures of Rooney looking at Cate, these Peter Lindbergh black and white street photos are outstanding. I’ll just pretend Cate is next to Lindbergh, telling Rooney what a great job she’s doing and how much she loves her. Cate and Rooney’s film Carol comes out the end of November, and we are all going to WEEP! GLORIOUS BEAUTIFUL GAY TEARS!

Also featured in the issue is a lovely little photo shoot of Downton Abbey and Game of Thrones star Rose Leslie. I’d make a joke about The Great War, or Jon Snow, but neither of those things are funny, so just look at the pretty redhead!

Rooney Mara by Peter Lindbergh for Interview, November 2015

Rose Leslie by Matt Holyoak for Interview, Novmeber 2015