Bazaar UK, October 2015

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Two perfectly autumnal spreads from the October issue of Bazaar UK remind us that it’s not winter yet, even though it’s really starting to feel like it, isn’t it? And even though I listened to Hard Candy Christmas today. And even though I saw a clerk at the grocery store switching out the Halloween candy bins for candy canes on HALLOWEEN DAY. IT’S STILL FALL! FALL 4EVA BITCHES! Audrey Marnay, who might be my favourite current redhead model, stars in a romantic shoot where she looks like a renaissance painting subject in every shot by Erik Madigan Heck. Elisabeth Erm is an elegant boho vision in a shoot by the ever so talented Regan Cameron.

Audrey Marnay by Erik Madigan Heck for Bazaar UK, October 2015

Elisabeth Erm by Regan Cameron for Bazaar UK, October 2015

Karmen Pedaru by Horst Diekgerdes for Muse, Spring 2015

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In an attempt to get my *whispers* SHIT together, over the next few weeks I’ll be peppering in, alongside new and exciting photos, lovely posts that I put together, but didn’t actually share, because I’m a disaster. I have so many better examples of what exactly makes me a disaster, but this one is good enough. So here everyone! Look at these lush photos of Karmen Pedaru by Lush Master Horst Diekgerdes for the Spring issue of Muse. If you’re not too busy, why not spend some time with THIS, one of my favourite editorials of all time, featuring Karmen along with Mariacarla Boscono (more on her later as I end 2015 with a BANG) and Candice Huffine, who is actual perfection. Sometimes when I want my crops to be plentiful, I pray to her thighs, and BOOM! The pantry is full of ears of corn and bushels of apples.

Numéro #168, November 2015

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The November issue of Numéro is a celebration of diverse photography styles, featuring some of the most talented models working today. Let’s break it down! Impossible limbstress Anna Cleveland contorts for Greg Kadel in a shoot that’s a romantic mix of stark black and white images with autumn grazing-in-the-grass photos; Alisa Ahmann stars in a perfectly saturated 60s retro series for Laurie Bartley; Soo Joo Park & Giedre Kiaulenaite are featured in a Hong Janghyun editorial that’s so gritty and gorgeous that I want to memorize every detail; and the positively enchanting Hana Jirickova is shot by Hans Feurer in a shoot that, when I saw a thumbnail of one of the images, I thought was a retro image of Kate Moss. Delicious fashion treats! Grab a copy of this! There’s too much goodness to not own!

Anna Cleveland by Greg Kadel for Numéro #168, November 2015

Alisa Ahmann by Laurie Bartley for Numéro #168, November 2015

Soo Joo Park & Giedre Kiaulenaite by Hong Janghyun for Numéro #168, November 2015

Hana Jirickova by Hans Feurer for Numéro #168, November 2015

Elsa Hosk by Dove Shore for GQ Mexico, August 2015

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Sometimes I put together a post but don’t actually post it. I’m silly. In an attempt to get through some drafts that are scrumptious and should have been shared, here’s a little summer throwback shoot of the enchanting Elsa Hosk by Dove Shore for GQ Mexico. Maybe this isn’t an appropriate time to get summer nostalgic when it’s, arguably, the best week of the year, and I have little to no desire to reminisce about the summer, for this is the Spookiest Week of the Year and should be appropriately cool and dark, but oh how I love love ripply blonde hair and sun-dappled skin, and Elsa looks like a honey hued Helena Christenen in Chris Issak’s Wicked Game video. Let’s do it guys! Let’s just take a minute or two to remember the loveliness of August. Then it’s back to Macabre Madness!

Recent Lindsey Wixson Editorials

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Let’s gently ease into today with these three stunning shoots of Lindsey Wixson. Lindsey first captured my heart about 5 years ago in an Alasdair McLellan shoot alongside Barbara Palvin and Ashley Smith. Each girl had something special about them, and I knew they would all go on to make magick. And they have! Lindsey has become the most recognizable of the three, and her evolution has been a delight to behold. She’s matured from an impish girl creature to a vixenish lady creature. Because she’s always been a magnificent model I’ve always trusted her shoots, but these three really display well how talented she truly is: a muted dreamy shoot by Janneke Van Der Hagen for CR Fashion Book; a frisky couture shoot for the Fall issue of V Magazine by Anthony Maule; and an absolutely perfect blend of black and white and colour studio shots by Nico for Madame Figaro.

Lindsey Wixson for CR Fashion Book #7 by Janneke Van Der Hagen, 2015

Lindsey Wixson by Anthony Maule for V Magazine #97, Fall 2015

Lindsey Wixson by Nico for Madame Figaro, August 28th 2015