Recent Lana Del Rey Editorials

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Weird that I haven’t shared any of these photos considering I light a candle to each of them every day. Lana’s most recent album Honeymoon has been playing on an infinite loop on my music machine, as well as in my brain, heart, and loinspace since September. It’s smooth mellow retro sex gold and while it doesn’t quite move me the way Ultraviolence did and still does, it’s a solid album that proves Lana is a force.

Let’s take a peek of some of Lana’s most stunning recent editorials. She’s a vision in Jork Weismann’s photos for the Interview Germany (which is a really fantastic publication), a throwback darling in a Billboard shoot by Joe Pugliese, a glam doll in the cover shoot by Liz Collins for the November issue of Vogue Turkey, and an ingénue in a set of collectors covers for the Fall/Winter issue of Nylon Español. My favourite shoot though is the odd macabre grieving Priscilla Presley at a Sex Club shoot by Steven Klein for V Magazine. I cannot stop staring at it. She’s the poutiest princesstress. I love her so much you guys. Time to go weep all over my altar and stain my satin with various holy and massage oils!

Lana Del Rey by Jork Weismann for Interview Germany, October 2015

Lana Del Rey by Joe Pugliese for Billboard, October 31st 2015

Lana Del Rey by Liz Collins for Vogue Turkey, November 2015

Lana Del Rey by Esteban Calderón for Nylon Español, Fall/Winter 2015

Lana Del Rey by Steven Klein for V Magazine #97, Fall 2015

LesBeehive Throwback Thursday – Tilda Swinton as David Bowie by Craig McDean for Vogue Italia, February 2003

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It’s a well known fact that Tilda Swinton and David Bowie are Intergalactic Sisters from an Alien Mister, Star Brothers from a Mars Mother, etc. But did you know that in 2003 Tilda Swinton starred in an epically beautiful Bowie inspired photo shoot for Vogue Italia? Craig McDean shot our Alien God in a series of gender skewering, suit and smoking porn shots that reference Bowie’s iconic Life on Mars? & Thin White Duke looks. When David Bowie saw the photos, he said to stylist Edward Enninful, “When did I do this shoot?” (full quote below) CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? ISN’T THAT GLORIOUS? David Bowie thought pictures of Tilda Swinton were him! She Twin Tricked him! Hah! Good goof, Tilda!

I’ve also included one of my favourite series of Tilda photos. I only have them as tiny test shots and I know nothing about them except that they’re glorious and I have the folder they’re in labelled as “Bowie Like”. My brain is fun. So is Tilda! So is Bowie! I LOVE THE GALAXY!

“When David Bowie saw my book, he could not believe it when he saw the [Bowie-inspired 2003 Vogue Italia ] pictures of Tilda. He thought it was him. He was like, ‘When did I do this shoot?’ He was floored. Even he couldn’t believe how much she looked like him.”
Edward Enninful on Tilda Swinton

Beyoncé by Ryan McGinley for The Beat #16, 2015

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There will never be a day where Beyoncé’s body doesn’t make me at least attempt to swallow my whole fist. HOW IS SHE EVEN REAL? ANSWER: SHE IS NOT. Right now there are rumours flying again about her real age, and to that I say, “How do we measure earth time on an otherworldly creature?” Do we REALLY know the actual ages of Tilda Swinton or Tom Hardy? No, of course we don’t. Queens and Kings are eternal. I suppose we could study fancy science and go on an expedition for ancient time-telling machines (like Swatch Watches), but do we really care? No. We do not. Partially why we don’t care is because women need to stop feeling shame for their age and feeling they have to say they’re 3 or 8 or 400 years younger than they actually are. It doesn’t matter. So. This shoot. I can’t say I’m especially into it. I don’t like the way the American flag looks, even though I was obsessed with Betsy Ross as a child and lost my virginity to a girl in an American flag bikini, and what’s with the rooster? Is it Yoncé’s new pet? What’s its name? Did it wander onto the set & it just felt right to accompany Bey in some of the shots? We don’t know. We may never. That shot on the bike is darling though, and Beyoncé’s torso wrapped in a pastel rainbow one piece has become my REASON FOR LIFE. So, all in all, not bad!

Beyoncé by Robin Harper for Flaunt, 2015

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One of my favourite things about Beyoncé is that she started out great, but continues to evolve. Her work ethic is rivalled only by the creator of the Universe, who, according to some, took 6-7 days to do so, whereas Beyoncé can make 8-10 videos in 6-7 days, so fuck you God! Also, I feel like God really peaked at the whole creation of mammals/solar system/earth/wind/fire thing, whereas Beyoncé just keeps getting better. And while it’s true that B-Day may always be my favourite Beyoncé album, I still recognize Beyoncé as an even better artist than she was back in 2006 when I converted to Beyptist, and 2003, when she strutted off the screen and into our hearts in the Crazy In Love video, which I feel was the inception of Beyoncé’s power. What I’m trying to say is, Beyoncé is pretty great. As a model, she has improved vastly – years ago she pageanted in front of the camera, but now she IS the reflection of the photographer’s eye. She stares directly into the lens & makes sweet scrumptious love to it, and then we get to LOOK AT IT! We don’t get to look at God, therefore God < Beyoncé.


Recent Florence Welch Editorials

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This week Florence + the Machine released their third studio album How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful. Su & I haven’t stopped listening to it in days. It’s powerful and heartbreaking and Florence has never sounded better. Along with the beautiful music, we’re about to be graced with a whole lot of gorgeous photos because Florence Welch is a style icon and a brilliant model. Study her looks & recreate them alongside me!

Florence Welch by Eric Ryan Anderson for Billboard Magazine, May 2015

Florence Welch by Thomas Nutzl for Grazia France, May 7th 2015