Emma Watson portraits by Mark Demsteader

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In case you haven’t seen it yet, you must watch Emma Watson’s moving speech for the UN about the importance of equal pay, women’s reproductive rights, and feminism in general.  It’s intelligent, honest and full of solid truths that need to be addressed.  You can support the HeForShe movement here.

Artist Mark Demsteader created a stunning collection of portraits of Emma Watson in 2011 to commerate her 21st birthday.

There is a gallery in Oxford that I used to look in after school which exhibited Mark’s work”, says Emma. “His paintings were always my favourite. For my 21st birthday I decided to contact Mark to buy some of his work. When he asked if could paint a series of paintings of me, I was a bit nervous about the idea at first but obviously incredibly flattered – it was an opportunity I couldn’t turn down. I am Mark’s biggest fan and I am hugely grateful.

The collection is comprised of 34 portraits of Emma in different mediums – charcoal and gouache drawings, ink paintings and oils.  Mark said of the “EMMA” collection: “It has been a wonderful privilege to work with Emma on these images. The idea behind them is to make a collection to celebrate Emma’s birthday. I wanted to capture a moment in time, and by making each piece a quick snapshot, I hope to capture Emma as she reaches 21. In some way I hope these works celebrate Emma in what she has achieved already, and in all the many possibilities to come.”

Mark Demsteader agreed that 10% of all sale proceeds and one of the pieces will be donated to Emma’s charity of choice, CAMFED International (uk.camfed.org) which supports the education of girls and economic empowerment of young women in Africa. You can view all of the portraits on Mark Demsteader’s official site here  (text from here )

Killer Heels

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Currently showing at the Brooklyn Museum, the exhibit “Killer Heels” explores the cultural history of the heeled shoe.  No matter the perception, whether it be crippling, empowering, sculptural, fetishistic or intimidating, heels convey a powerful message, and continue to be an integral part of fashion.   Contributions from designers like Brian Atwood, Zaha Hadid, Pierre Hardy, Iris van Herpen, Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood and Christian Louboutin mix with the six films specially commissioned for the exhibition from Ghada Amer and Reza Farkhondeh, Zach Gold, Steven Klein, Nick Knight, Marilyn Minter, and Rashaad Newsome.    A fully illustrated catalogue of the exhibit is available, and it’s a must-have.

Artist Soey Milk

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We’ve been long time fans of the fantastic artist Soey Milk. Her work fully embraces and celebrates the things in women that we also love so much, their mystery, their sensuality, their power. Never shocking in its presentation, her work is softened with a prettiness that draws you in. The provacation that her girls are displaying is almost playful, while still remaining in complete control. Soeymilk’s site is here, her blog is here and you can follow her on twitter and instagram. She’s also a delightful, beautiful lady, so following her will bring some loveliness into your life. These are some of my favorites of her work, but I will definitely be posting about her again, because there are other sides to her as an artist that deserve their own posts.



Hirari Hirari by Audrey Kawasaki

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Audrey Kawasaki’s latest series of paintings – titled Hirari Hirari – are on display at the Merry Karnosky Gallery along with fellow female pop surrealists Tara McPherson and DeeDee Cheriel. The show lasts until the end of August, so if you have a chance to see these paintings, do it. For more about Audrey Kawasaki, you can visit her site, her blog and read the post I wrote about her earlier this year.

Marina Abramovic and Crystal Renn for Vogue Ukraine by Dusan Reljin, August 2014

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What a beautiful match Marina and Crystal make in this fashionably macabre story shot by Dusan Reljin for Vogue Ukraine. I saw this cover the same day I saw that abysmal Blake Lively US Vogue cover and felt it was a reward for having to suffer a world that puts Blake Lively on the cover of a fashion magazine. This is art via fashion executed beautifully by one of the most talented models in the industry and an artist so beautiful that her stark, gorgeous face startles and inspires. Drink this beauty in, it is a treat!