Sometimes I put together a post but don’t actually post it. I’m silly. In an attempt to get through some drafts that are scrumptious and should have been shared, here’s a little summer throwback shoot of the enchanting Elsa Hosk by Dove Shore for GQ Mexico. Maybe this isn’t an appropriate time to get summer nostalgic when it’s, arguably, the best week of the year, and I have little to no desire to reminisce about the summer, for this is the Spookiest Week of the Year and should be appropriately cool and dark, but oh how I love love ripply blonde hair and sun-dappled skin, and Elsa looks like a honey hued Helena Christenen in Chris Issak’s Wicked Game video. Let’s do it guys! Let’s just take a minute or two to remember the loveliness of August. Then it’s back to Macabre Madness!