Oh man, I love this dapper little guy. He’s so totally not the type of filth monster that usually whispers, in a cloud of vape smoke, a husky, “Hey gurl” to my vagina. You know, if I’m really thinking about it, JGL and my vagina don’t talk a lot, BUT! I still adore him! Is it because Tom Hardy called him darling one time? Probably! Is it because he’s really confident and wears a suit well? Sure! Is it because TOM HARDY CALLED HIM DARLING ONE TIME? I dunno, maybe! But whatever the reason TOM HARDY CALLED HIM DARLING, I just adore him. JGL is currently starring in the biopic The Walk, based on the tight-rope walker Philippe Petit, who illegally performed his tight-rope walk between New York City’s Twin Towers in 1974. The movie is receiving well reviews, but I thought the trailer looked terrible. JGL’s French accent was just awful, and I’m not sure why there’s a biopic version of this story when there’s a thrilling documentary Man on Wire from 2008 that tells the same story. But let’s support JGL you guys, let’s love him unconditionally. He’s a darling, after all.