I’m still giggle-watching Downton Abbey, which I have renamed, “My how things change as the years pass”, and it’s ridiculous and boring, but still so beautiful and fun. It basically consists of every character marvelling at how different things are now, in 1925 than they were then, in years before 1925. It’s so heavy handed, but it looks great!

My crush on Bates remains strong and powerful, he’s such a good husband/man/possible-murderer????? The cast has great camaraderie and yes, the wigs & ageing make-up are terrible, but the costumes, my loves, the COSTUMES! Plus I love final seasons of shows because ANYONE CAN DIE! And this show is already ruthless about killing off main characters with incompetent doctors/driving skills.

And then there’s this fierce diva pictured below whose weapons are her willow-slim arms and impossible eyebrows which she uses to test drive men’s sexual performance before deciding they’re not worthy of her, or to murder them with her SEXUALITY. God, she’s perfect! When not man-slaying she hangs out in her awesome room, just chatting with her bff/professional dress buttoner Anna while patting her bobbed wig, applying scents to her delicate inner wrists that trick men into thinking she won’t cut them if they cross her, trying on endless earbobs and lavaliers and long strings of pearls that I imagine she uses as a fuck lasso after dinner and cards and raising her sex-arch brows in response to everything everyone says. If you’re still with me in the final episodes of Downton watching, observe Mary every time Edith says anything, it’s hilarious! She rolls her eyes if Edith says hello. Every thing that poor woman says is scorned by her superhero eyebrow sister. I love it! I love them! I LOVE THIS SHOW!

But seriously, it’s not great. Worth it for the Dockery though. Worth it hard.