I was just talking to a friend yesterday, debating whether or not Nicole still has Star Power. I am arguably a blind follower of NikkiK. Moulin Rouge and The Hours are two of my favourite movies. I saw Bewitched and Stepford Wives in the theatre. I can guess a past event she’s attended based on her outfit. I can quote her Oscar acceptance speech. I’ve memorized most of her editorials and can identify the publication and photographer just from the image. I love her as a redhead AND a blonde. I think she’s brave and wonderful. I defend her plastic surgery choices because it’s HER GODDAMNED FACE. But, if I remove my heart from the argument, yes, I can see why some people might doubt Nicole’s staying-power in film. Because, you know, Bewitched and Stepford Wives and plastic surgery isn’t a great choice for a dramatic actress since they need their face to move and express emotion.

But then, like magick, this shoot for the October issue of Interview Magazine arrived this morning to remind me that my heart is right, and Nicole is a force. Nicole tells a story in every editorial, and this one is a sultry, mischievous bit of wonder. Also! Those legs! I think they’re so beautiful we’re gonna have to call them gams. Those gams! They don’t stop!