Yesterday Yvonne Craig died, and I’ve spent today reminiscing about how much I adored her when I was young. I loved Batgirl. Look at her! She’s the good girl’s Catwoman! She’s the Elizabeth to Jessica Wakefield! Oh my god! Elizabeth & Jessica should have dressed up like Batgirl & Catwoman! I’m regressing! Deep breath.

I was a huge fan of the original Batman series. So sparkly. So ridiculous. Such a paunchy Batman. Such stunning Catwomen. Such perfectly campy villains. Adding Yvonne Craig to the roster as Barbara Gordon/Batgirl was perfection. Better than Debra Winger as Drusilla/Wonder Girl? I don’t know! Don’t make me choose!

Craig was a talented dancer, and a staple of 1960s television – guest starring in epsidoes of iconic shows like Mod Squad, Star Trek, and The Man from U.N.C.L.E.. She most recently voiced the character of the Grandma on the Olivia animated series. She will be missed, and remembered well.