I started doing a 365 Photo Project on Flickr and Instagram. Every day for one year, I’ll be taking a self portrait. I’ve been doing it for two weeks now, and while I accept that at some point throughout the year my photo for the day is going to be a quick phone shot of me holding the cat, so far I’ve been inspired every day. I thought I might travel with my camera and take more photos outside the house, which also will probably become something I do later in the year, but right now my photos are capturing the insular, quiet, domestic feelings I’m experiencing right now.

My self portraits are usually suggestive and often poke fetish bruises, but I haven’t spent much time with just me and the camera in awhile, so returning to that feels like I’m reconnecting with an important part of me. Interacting so intimately with my body helps me connect with my curves and lines. Spending days looking only at my reflection feels much different than me telling a camera how to capture my image, and the camera responding honestly. We work together to determine exactly how my body is feeling and what it wants to reveal. I’m accompanying each photo with a quote or lyric, whatever is currently moving me, or feels appropriately paired with the photo.

It’s a lovely, inspiring project. I adore photo projects – I’ve created some month-long projects that give prompts each day, and participated in the #100HappyDays photo project twice. They all have their benefits and set-backs, but taking on a project this big feels right on many levels – it allows me time to myself every day to be creative, it challenges me to learn my camera and photo editing, as well as encouraging me to be a better photographer and model. I fully recommend it to anyone looking for a creative challenge.

I share an image each day on Flickr, as well as Outtakes on days where the shoot goes well. I also share the image (sometimes an outtake if the original image is too naked) on Instagram. Message/add me if you’d like to follow my progress, or if you’re also doing the project, or feel inspired to start one yourself.

365 Days 1-14